AON Graduate Scheme 2018



Hi all! Can’t seem to find a forum for AON grad 2018 scheme so I thought I’ll start one. I was told I passed my video interview in January 2018 but was told not all candidates are guaranteed a spot in the AC. Anyone in a similar situation?


Have you heard back at all since your video interview? I sat mine at the end of February and have had the automated response from Aon, yet no real reply on whether I will progress to the next stage. I assume that since I had applied late, I won’t get a chance at the AC.


I have the same situation, passed my video interview a while ago, but they responded that they cannot guarantee a spot in AC. It has been a while, cannot decide if I should email them and ask about progress or not. But it is good to know that I am not the only one.


Hey pal! i did mine in December and heard back in Jan that I passed it! But ever since I have been told that their still running ACs… losing hope now :frowning:


Hi everyone,

I also did a video interview at the end of January, and got the same message as you all have. I got an invitation to an AC at the start of March, AC was mid-March and I received an offer just before the Easter weekend.

I have no idea how many ACs are/were being run, or if they all happen in the same place. Maybe it differs by location, stream applied for etc.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help, just thought I’d chip in and say that some ACs have already happened, though don’t be certain that all is not lost! You could always email and ask, though?


Smashing! Congrats on the offer buddy! Still haven’t heard back and i have been emailing every week since January haha