Anyone who attend the selection center of HSBC International Management Program?


Hi, is there anyone who has attend the selection certer of HSBC IM? How many part does it have, and what is each part like? Please leave your information and suggestion if you have attend? Good luck and best wishes for you!


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Is there anyone who can tell me how the Selection Center for the International Management program of HSBC looks like??
I am also up for the Selection Center for the International Management Program of HSBC and in the process of preparing for this. Any information on how this assessment day looks (e.g. type of exercises, length of day, number of people involved) would be very much appreciated?

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Did you attend the FSC for HSBC, could you give an overview of the content for the day and any tips and suggestions?



Guys, I need to attend FSC in Oct 2013 … can some share FSC experience ? Thanks