Anyone waiting for RBS AC?


hi guys,

I’m applying for commercial and business banking programme of RBS, which commences in Autumn 2012, and I passed the telephone interview on 22 Dec 2011. Since then there was no more messages from them. Is there anyone also waiting for Assessment Centre? Since they said they did not guarantee a place of AC, I am wondering how long will I still wait. thx xxx


Hi Momoko! I too had a telephone interview on the 22nd and was notified I passed. However, I still haven’t received any further notification. I called today and was told they were still short listing. The lady did inform me that we should hear soon and that normally there is an AC at the end of January. Ahhh! I hate the waiting game! Has anyone been notified yet??


hey sport25, thanks for information. Can I ask where did you find the number to call them? I tried using the message centre but no reply at all.


I used the number that was given as a reference for the telephone interview. They gave it in case you had to change the date or had any questions.


Thanks!! Good luck to both of us!


Hey Momoko and sport 25.

I have a telephone interview this friday and if you remember any of the questions, would you mind sharing them with me? Or does the telephone interview go along the lines of the information included in the email they send?

Thanks and good luck for your respective ACs when they come along!


Hi ymaman90,

The telephone interview was exactly the same as the e-mail they sent. So just prepare well and follow the instructions in the e-mail:)

p.s.I have the AC next Wednesday:P

Best luck!


Hey Momoko!

I have my AC on wednesday as well! Not sure exactly what to expect but are you aware if the psychometric testing will happen again? Just wondering how to prepare!

Congrats on the AC!


Hey sport25,

Here is a link with what to expect at assessment centre,

Also, I’m sure there are other forums discussing how the day goes on wikijobs!


Thanks a lot for your help and kind wishes! Keep me updated on your progress, I’m sure both of you will ace it!


hey sport25,

I think there is no psychometric test as they suggested, the tasks will be group discussion, situational interview and individual meeting. So as far as I am concerned, we only need to review the competency questions and the company/programme information. what’s on your mind?

hi ymaman90,

thank you for your wishes, I hope we will be fine :slight_smile: and good luck to you too.


Just received an offer for the GBM operations internship. If anyone has any questions, please ask.


Hi guys,

Congrats on getting through to the AC! I had my telephone interview for Commercial and Business banking on Friday and got the email today saying I had passed. How long did it take for RBS to let you know if you had made the AC?

Also have the number for HR and was considering giving them a ring to check on progress - would you recommend this? Want to show them I am keen but at the same time don’t want to p them off!

Cheers, and good luck for your AC,



hi Zeusapollo,

Would you please describe the whole process of the AC? Was that a full day event you attended? I was wondering how they arranged the tasks and do you have any tips at all?

thanks for sharing!

hey Tom,

I got to know I passed the telephone interview on 22 Dec, and received the AC invitation on 12 Jan. (Christmas & new year in between) I think it takes a while for them to arrange. If I were you, I will ring them if I haven’t heard from them till next Monday. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey Momoko and Toms1234

Was just wondering when preparing for my telephone interview, what type of stuff did you talk about when asked about;

  • A topic that you feel passionate about (this can be any topic and does not have to be business related).

  • A personal achievement that you feel proud of

I just need some guidelines, not so sure what to say. For passion, did you go along the lines of sports (, or business related (recent news), or anything in your degree (I study accounting and finance, don’t want to mention to much of a passion as they might ask, why’s he applying for this?), as I’m passionate about all 3, but I could probably speak the most about football. Is this a good idea, and what type of follow up questions do they ask?

For a personal achievement, should I go along the line of good academic results, or something where I have done something successful when part of a team?

For the other section, is it a good idea just to read up the graduate website and other sources of info about R.B.S? Do I tailor my answers to the competencies they look for? (service line specific and in general)

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks!


Toms1234 -
RBS called me two weeks after the telephone interview to book the assessment center, which was two weeks after that. So, it took a month from telephone interview to doing the assessment center.

Momoko -

The assessment center is exactly as they describe in the guide that they send you. There are five tasks. In my case (the order varies) we started with the group activity, where we were given a scenario to present and then had to discuss it.

This activity actually was a disaster for our group. We did not complete the tasks in order and the timekeeper did not time correctly. However, since I got through despite the fact my group was terrible means that they probably don’t really care what you do in the group activity as long as you interact well with others.

We then had a written exercise which was just to complete a report based on one of the scenarios of the group activity. Then we had a role-play with an RBS employee where we had to convince them of our recommendations.

After this we had lunch, then a standard competency interview (which was very relaxed!), and then the ABLE test. If you want to know what the able test is, it is made by a company called OPP. However, I would imagine that it would be difficult to practice for. I didn’t finish it.

I got a call back the next day saying I had been successful.


@momoko & @zeusapollo - thanks very much for the advice and well done for the job offer.

@ymaman90 - I talked about competitive sport so a personal thing in that sense but related it back to something business related. You will get asked questions after you talk about it like “How would you convince someone you have just met to believe in what you think” and other questions like that. It is nothing to worry about - my interviewer was very friendly and made me feel at ease so just be confident and I am sure you will do great! What position have you gone for?



Hey momoko. Thanks for that! I agree, after looking over all of the material they sent us, I don’t believe there will be psychometric testing.

I have just been reading up on recent news and also reviewing some competency questions and examples.

Good luck to you and see you tomorrow!


Hi All,

After weeks of waiting I have received an invite for the assessment centre in early Jan (for the Wealth Programme though).

There will be an open afternoon first this Tuesday of which I’m not sure what to expect exactly. Has anyone else already attended an open afternoon?


Hey Momoko and sport25, hope both of you have got through the AC and offered a place in RBS. I have been asked to attend the AC on 09/02/12 for business and commercial banking, I am really nervous now as this is my first AC and want this job from the bottom of my heart. I would be grateful if you guys could share your experiences and give me some advice. Thanks


Hey Momoko, hopefully both of you have got through the AC and offered a place in RBS. I have been asked to attend the AC on 09/02/12 for business and commercial banking, I am really nervous now as this is my first AC and want this job from the bottom of my heart. I would be grateful if you could share your experiences and give me some advice. Thanks