Anyone waiting for AC, Audit FS Bristol


Hey guys, as titled, I was notified to have passed the first round manager interview almost a month ago, but still waiting for AC info…does that mean they have already quietly rejected me? (International student…) Thx!


hey AT, i’m still waiting to have my first interview! i emailed them and they said they are still waiting for interviewer availability.

how was the interview? don’t worry too much, i don’t think you are rejected. it must only be they are waiting for more applications. I originally applied for London but then had to change it to Bristol.


Hi lara88, it was more like a casual talk, lots of competency based questions which you can find a lot on this thread~~~BTW, why are you transfering from London to Bristol…?


they called me around mid-November saying that their intake for audit london is already full, and asked if i wanted to be considered for the same position in Bristol.