Anyone waiting for a Santander AC?


Anyone waiting for a Santander AC?


Yeah, but nobody is giving information! Such a shame!


even I am waiting since Jan 13th… but no information… any has any new updates???


I also wait for an AC. They told me they received a high volume of applications…


I have an assessment centre on the 13th of March 2012 anyone have any advice or is anyone attending the assessment centre, it is based in leicester which is annoying as I live in London but fingers crosses


For which graduate scheme is this AC for??


Second week after my phone interview and I still have no news for the AC…


I have a interview for operations


But you passed the AC?


Hey Somalia11 how did it go?
I’ve finally got one for the 21st of March!


I had the assessment centre today went really good there is a group of 8 people and some assessors, it is really structured, the day starts of with a presentation about santander, then you do a interview lasting 40minutes the asessors will ask you questions on the competency based interview that you have, then there is a numerical testing on paper so you must be careful with the time, after that you have 40minutes to prepare for your research which will be given to you days before your assessment centre, lastly the 10minutes presentation about santander challenges and opportunities and then 20minutes question from asessors based on your research, Goodluck on your asessment day


It’s been weeks, closer to 2 months since I’ve passed the phone interview… no info on AC yet.


So no group exercise? Mine is for retail so I don’t know if it will differ slightly?
Was the interview like the telephone one or slightly different?
Could you possibly give 1 or 2 examples of the questions? I’m just getting really nervous!
Was the presentation hard?
Thanks for the info & good luck to you too :slight_smile: When do you find out?


fiksi you could send an email and ask whether you are still considered for the AC. I sent an e-mail and they told me that the have a high volume of applications, but that I am still considered and shortlisted.


@SWORLD11 I have read your post over and over again at least 7 times! haha Just wanted to clarify as I am a tad unclear when you put:

" lastly the 10minutes presentation about santander challenges and opportunities"

Was your presentation was on santander challenges and opportunities? Or Did the assessors give you a 10 minute presentation on challenges and opportunities?

Thanks in Advance, Wishing all the best


They ask you how the research they asked you to carry out has a effect on the shareholders, customers and internal staff. They not just listening what you say but how you say it. I failed the assessment centre and the feedback I was given is I had a high5 for everything except the presentation my content was good but I was speaking to fast and rushing the presentation. They mark you out of 5 for every task 5 being highest 1 being lowest, If you get below 3 for any then they wont consider you. But dont let this scare you I am sure you will do well :slight_smile:


Guys SOS!
can you give any opinions who had numerical test on AC again or no…Because reading forums at wiki jobs there are 2 answers. Some people say there wasn’t a numerical test the others say there was…So I think it depends on role…or may be location (London or Scotland) …SO guys please advise!!!