Anyone received invitation from Morgan Stanley for some aptitude tests and meetings with recent graduate in their London office?

Morgan Stanley

Anyone received invitation from Morgan Stanley for some aptitude tests and meetings with recent graduate in their London office?

It’s bizzare that I can’t do tests online. and I don’t know whether I can go or not as I am not in the UK at the moment.


for which division?




Yeh I am going too!


would there be any interviews on the day?


This the one on Monday? If so, I’m heading there too.


that’s weird, i got a call yeasterday for a telephone interview today and i will be invited to do the test only i pass phone interview.
i applied ops-feb intake. er…


hey boboyue, I hav a phone interview soon. i would appreciate if you could share wat questions u were asked. cheerz


got an interview next week… the person from the business contacted me directly!!


@ IBD Haunter

Best of luck mate…is that for IBD and is your status “No Status”


@Strat and Smygba and others (!):
I’m going for the aptitude tests (I applied for Operations) at MS on friday (8th of jan).
Can someone please tell me what the 3 announced aptitude tests are ? I know the first 2 are numerical and verbal tests but what is the 3rd one ?
Btw, Happy New Year ! x


@ A.B

Did you apply for the Feb intake in London and is your status in career website “No Status Available”? Good Luck for tests.


@A.B: I have the aptitude tests as well on Friday. I am the same as you and I don’t know what the third test is? If you find out please let me know as I would really appreciate it. Good luck on Friday anyway! :slight_smile:


@akoo: thanks. I applied for the summer internship. (not too sure what the february intake is, is it graduate programme ?).
and I just checked and it does say “No status available” !



I have the same aptitude tests for ops tommorow. I think the third test is to check accuracy… just what I made of the email they sent anyway. I’m going to go check out SHL later tonight and see what I can find, that’s what MS recommend doing anyway.

I take it we don’t have interviews tommorow, right? Seems a lot of travelling just to do tests, but then the email certainly does not mention interviews at all.


what do you think the aptitude tests will be like? i heard they maybe negatively marked. Do you think they will be any harder than other tests?


So wasn’t too bad in the end I don’t think.

For future reference for people looking it’s just a basic test to begin with where you have to match a number / letter combination to the exact same one out of 5 options, getting progressively harder with longer number / letter strings. Followed by standard SHL verbal and numerical tests.


Can i ask what you wore to the test day? As far as I know it’s just tests and some presentation/tour so I thought smart casual would be ok since I have uni straight after as well. What were most people wearing?


I got an email to say I passed the tests on friday, now a phone interview before final assessment centre today. Anyone else hear back?

Wear a suit with no tie.


@ successhunter

did you apply for Ops Full Time ?