Anyone know about WPP marketing fellowship programme first round interview?


Hi, all,

I have a first round interview coming for WPP marketing fellowship.

  1. Anyone knows what kind of questions to be expected?
  2. How many people they are recruiting this year?
  3. Any more tips?



Hi, everyone…i had my interview with WPP marketing fellowship.

Two seniors from WPP group will be interviewing each candidate for 30 minutes.
It was very informal. the questions are mainly based on your personal experiences, not competency based at all…

SO, all you could do is prepare a good start to introduce yourself.
Research the industry, know what you want to do.

My questions were (some of them are not very general to all of you, as it was related to my own experience):

  1. Introduce yourself in 3 minutes.
  2. Why do you want to do marketing communication?
  3. What is the trick to be a good leader?
  4. What is the difference between CCTV and BBC in terms of branding?
  5. What is the brand that you admired the most in the world? Why?
  6. Has APPLE been successful all the way?
  7. Is Steve Jobs a good leader?
  8. Is there any area that you want or don’t want to go into within WPP?
  9. What is your personal plan geographically speaking? Do you want to go to Asia?

That’s pretty much about it…
I really enjoyed the interview, or i should call it ‘coversation’.

I hope i could get through to the next round which will be a 2 day assessment.

Good luck to everyone…


Thanks for your feedback. WPP are a great company. They’ve done some weird/stupid stuff though recently - like movnig their entire company to Ireland to avoid tax… then considering moving it back when they realised the credit crunch meant Ireland was totally F***ed!

How many grads did they say they were recruiting?

Also… what was the interview process before this face to face interview… did you get telephone interview and what was the application like?

Good luck! …P.S. have you seen the advertising wikis? Not totally developed yet… but coming along! WikiJob has a city focus but we really want to extend to advertising and media. Any other info you have or threads/wikis you want to start would be greatly appreciated and please tell your friends to come here too. WikiJob works better the more people contribute!!!


Hi, Redsuperted,

I think the whole news about moving to Ireland was only in discussion. WPP have too many companies around the global. No matter where they allocate their head office, it won’t affect their business that much. It is just a way to avoid TAX in UK…ha…which i think is a reasonable decision.


They said, they will recruit up to 10 each year for this marketing fellowship. (This is very competitive, since they recruit 10 ard the world. I think last year or the year before, they recruited 3 Americans, 1 South African, 1 Swiss, 3 Europe, 2 Asia/Pacific.) So, maybe for the UK, they will only take 1 or 2.

There was only application form stage before this first round interview. The beginning of the form was just like other graduate job, however, it asks some ‘creative’ questions.

All the questions are as follows:

  1. Personal Introduction. (250 words)
  2. Provide a brief synopsis of any other activities you believe will contribute to providing a full picture of your background, eg. voluntary work, interests, creative accomplishments, travel etc. (250 words)
  3. Career Choice
    Explain the types of jobs you are considering, and your reasons. (250 words)
  4. Essay Submissions
    The teacher you most respect wants you to become a teacher. Write them a personal letter explaining why you hope to work in marketing communications. (250 words)
  5. In 1973 E F Schumacher wrote: ‘All real human problems arise from the antinomy of order and freedom.’ If true, what are the implications for parents and managements? (250 words)
  6. Can frugality ever become cool? (250 words)

They have 1700+ ppl applied for this programme this year, and 108 have been selected to attend the first round interview in London…
Tough competition!
But, I enjoy this process so far very much.
I felt I learnt a lot.
Hope i could get to the next round.

I didn’t know wikijob until I was searching online for one of my other competency interview. I believe WIKI is really good in informing the candidates. I have already recommended to a lot of ppl since I found you guys. I will post whatever I found useful regarding advertising on this forum…

ALso, you don’t have a specific section for Marketing which is a shame…I believe marketing attracts much more applications than advertising…And, advertising, same as PR is only a part of marketing industry as a whole.


Well spotted. We don’t have a marketing section - yet! But I can create one almost immediately… the only reason for this is our specific knowledge is more placed in city industries than media/advertising/marketing.

What do you suggest / how do you suggest structuring the proposed marketing section? How does advertising relate to marketing etc?

We appreciate your help!



Can you please let us know whether you can apply to the WPP as an international student? do u need to have a work visa?

Thanks in advance!


Does anyone know if this is financially supported? I could not see anywhere the mention of a salary.
Thank you everyone for the great suggestions however!



Has anyone heard back from the WPP application this year. Am still waiting to hear…


Think you have to wait a little while for WPP. They get 1000’s of applications and it takes a very long time to sift through all these!

When did you apply?



I have recently attended teh AC and it was very tough. There were various competency based questions as well as technical ones. I applied for the Engineering Scheme and got a call to attend the Marketing one with other business people.

In the begining there is a 1 hour interview where they will ask you what university you attended. And if you are not in the top tier of the universites in the UK you lose your chance. For example if you study in London Met, Greenwich, SouthBank or crap universities like that you can see the dissapointment in their face. Then they ask you what you learnt at university and this is very hard because we all know marketing is just a half naked girl and a cool car. Then you have to explain bull shit theories of business crap to them although we know that most of the famous people who made money in ventures did not have a business degree. For example Alan Sugar and you have to tell them why the latest series of The Aprrenctice is not being aired. So do you research on Alan Sugar.

The group exercise was basically you are given of a lot of girl models. and a short description of them like if they will appear full nude or half nude etc. And a product which u must advertise. Using these models as preferences you must choose a model, the color of her hair, eyes, figure etc and decided which one will appeal the most to the audience. Because we know the girls will make the money coming in.

2nd interview you are asked why you chose marketing and why this company. So basically you say you werent good in maths and had to choose something easy to study and etc. And that you are creative in the sense you can decide which girl mode to use and what cool car in the advertise will attract attention from the public.


I think it’s fairly safe to assume kurtcobain didn’t get the job. Possibly because he didn’t show for the interview. This is nothing like the interview process.