Anyone heard of the 'BE A BROKER PROMISE'


Hi everyone

I found a recruitment company willing to train me in SII Unit 1 Regulations and SII Unit 2 Securities where after completion promising a job with either a smalll or medium size brokerage firm.

The course costs £1400 and they seem to provide you with all material, online help, classroom teaching and even train you again if you fail. This company say they have a 100% record of placing candadites with orgainisation after they pass.

Has anyone got any experience with this ‘be a broker scheme’.?


I’m sorry I haven’t any experience, though I have heard of it. I fail to see why you would need to pay for the training- it is pretty normal for a company to sponsor you this (and in fact, £1,400 is not very expensive for a company).

Might be interesting to find out exactly what the terms & conditions are.