Anyone heard from Nomura?


I applied late December for an internship position and my application status says:

Application Status
: Application Form Submitted

It has been over 2 months now, when will I hear if I made it through to next stage?


Investment Banking - Intern - Summer - London 22nd November 2008 - submitted on (01:25:25 22/11/2008)

Application Status
: Application Form Submitted

Thank you for applying to Nomura.

Your application has been successfully submitted and will be processed shortly. Should any of your circumstances change please contact the recruitment team.

The same for me, I suppose it’s due to the current problems Nomura is facing … especially if you applied for an internship in IBD


was Operations for me


I think Nomura was on a hiring freeze for graduates until they can get full time sorted out.


does anybody know if graduates can apply to their off-cycle internships?