Anyone heard back from PWC Assessment centre?


Hello guys, I had my PWC assessment centre last thursday in London but I haven’t heard back anything from. I called them today and they said they haven’t received any update regarding my application. Has this happened to anyone? Is it a good sign or a bad one? I’m very worried.


I don’t think its a sign that you have been rejected.
At the most cynical, you could say that you did not perform spectacularly to definitely secure a final interview. However, the flip side is true too; you did not perform spectacularly badly to have failed it there and then.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much and just try and remain calm and patient! As a jobseeker myself, I do appreciate that it is easier said than done though.

Good luck!


Hello friends,

I have an assessment centre on 23 may 2013 in london for assurance.

It will be nice to hear from anybody attending this AC???



Hi Asif,
Yes, I am attending assessment day same date. Good luck to us!


Hi Sammy86,
Yes Good luck to us…
But unfortunately we will not see eachother :frowning:
My assessment date has been moved from 23 to 20 for some reason i dont know…
Well best of luck…


I hope it was not too difficult. How long do you need to wait for results?


I attended the AC today
You should expect a reply within 5 days
But the host suggested to expect a reply within 2 days
Good luck!


I have an assessment on 3rd of June, 9am,London office. Anyone else?