Anyone hear of Omi Jobs


Hi there, there was a job on total jobs which I applied to

The role was through OMI jobs, they then called me and did a 30 minute interview on the phone and was going to put my application through for a face to face interview but said I needed to be IMC qualified to applied, and they can still put me forward for interview if I register with them for IMC training/exams as they can put ‘actively studying for IMC’ on my CV.

However they said there is a fee for this and sent me the following email:

Dear Alex (alex is in bold)

It was such a pleasure speaking to you about the Trainee investment manager role today.

We have been advised by the company that all applications have now been moved forward and the cut of date for this is Wednesday 13th February 2019

The existing merchant provider for this application operates on a standard 5-day settlement process which will either delay or prevent your application from being successful, in order to prevent this occurring and due to the significance of the application, we have been authorised to do a direct bank transfer to the director’s business account to prevent any possible delays in your application.

The fee is £280 and is for the IMC which is a discount (usually costs over £500).

I cannot find anything else about this company online, don’t graduate/trainee positions usually sponsor you for a certificate? The lady said the bank will sponsor for CFA but not IMC.

What do you guys think? Should I turn this down or send this money and study for IMC, or does this seem dodgy?

The company is Omi Jobs -

Tell me what you think , the website isn’t very detail.

Please help mee and let me know people!


This sounds like a total scam. Don’t send them any money!