Anyone hear of Omi Jobs


Hi there, there was a job on total jobs which I applied to

The role was through OMI jobs, they then called me and did a 30 minute interview on the phone and was going to put my application through for a face to face interview but said I needed to be IMC qualified to applied, and they can still put me forward for interview if I register with them for IMC training/exams as they can put ‘actively studying for IMC’ on my CV.

However they said there is a fee for this and sent me the following email:

Dear Alex (alex is in bold)

It was such a pleasure speaking to you about the Trainee investment manager role today.

We have been advised by the company that all applications have now been moved forward and the cut of date for this is Wednesday 13th February 2019

The existing merchant provider for this application operates on a standard 5-day settlement process which will either delay or prevent your application from being successful, in order to prevent this occurring and due to the significance of the application, we have been authorised to do a direct bank transfer to the director’s business account to prevent any possible delays in your application.

The fee is £280 and is for the IMC which is a discount (usually costs over £500).

I cannot find anything else about this company online, don’t graduate/trainee positions usually sponsor you for a certificate? The lady said the bank will sponsor for CFA but not IMC.

What do you guys think? Should I turn this down or send this money and study for IMC, or does this seem dodgy?

The company is Omi Jobs -

Tell me what you think , the website isn’t very detail.

Please help mee and let me know people!

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This sounds like a total scam. Don’t send them any money!

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Exact same thing happened to me , defo a scam not paying


The person above must be part of it.

But omg guys - I ALMOST fell for it too! They really wasted a solid hour of my time. But I’m always sceptical when it comes to transferring money directly (This was a HUGE red flag).

It was for the exact same graduate investment manager trainee role - how funny is it that that exact role is still active even though the cut off was supposedly a month ago? Haha.

It’s a shame because I really wanted it to be true but tbh it was way too good to be true and I refuse to believe that a real recruiter would continue with an application and then ‘suddenly’ realise that I’m not IMC qualified. A real recruiter would’ve pointed this out earlier on.

Very believable scam though - solid 8/10. The person I spoke to on the phone sounded very professional. But I should’ve known something was up with a.) There was no confirmation message for the email b.) This ‘pre-selection assessment’ was not explained or anything when it was simply an interview c.) The caller phone me 20 mins later than planned. d.) So many ‘holds’ on the call

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Hi guys,

I just got the call from the same company to tell me about this opportunity and how the recruitment process is closing soon. Because i’m not IMC qualified they told me to transfer money to their director bank account and when they get it they will send me study materials.

They said without this they can’t put me through the next process however i kind of think this is a scam because no recruitment officer will ask you to send money and not especially into their director account. And i even told them i haven’t graduated university which they said is totally fine.

I’ve told them i’ll study IMC on my own and i’ll pay fully for it as i want to do with a real provider of this course.

In my opinion this is a scam and they sound very believable. There is no way i can know 100% however that was my gut instinct. If i lost on a big opportunity so be it as there will be more opportunities to come.

Just wanted to share my experience with this OMIJOBS however is up to you if you want to believe it or not into their graduate investment manager.


I received an email from them today saying “We have received your application for a vacancy within finance and investments, we are happy to confirm that you have passed the initial selection criteria, and will now be moving on to the next stage of the recruitment process- the pre-interview selection assessment.”

I hadn’t applied for a role with them and have never heard of them so I emailed asking not to be considered for the role and they immediately called me and left a voicemail asking to call me back. Their website has lots of spelling mistakes and isn’t very detailed so doesn’t seem legit. Also couldn’t find any reference to them on LinkedIn or any other website.


This is definitely, 100% a scam.

I just got off a 40 minute telephone interview with someone from OMIJobs (never got his name) & after some basic interview questions i was put on hold. When he got back he realised that i was not qualified for this position as i have not done the IMC. After being put on hold again, i was told that the company is prepared to partly sponsor the IMC course for me. i was told that i would have to pay £298 (which is basically the whole cost of the course minus the revision materials) & they would be able to change my cv to ‘working towards IMC’ and get me an interview with the company (which they are apparently not allowed to name).

What gave this away was the fact that although he said that the company that was hiring was willing to sponsor the course, he wanted me to pay omijobs for the course and in turn i would get a face to face interview, which makes no sense because: 1). the company was willing to sponsor me before I interviewed with them. 2). i had to pay omnijobs and not the the company that was hiring. 3). a company wouldn’t ask you for money for a qualification. & i could go on…

also, in the emails i was sent (i will attach screenshots), i was told to send the money to a bank account which belonged to a ‘Mr. Guy M L’Amaury’. this is alarming because it is a personal account and not a corporate account.

anyways, after some googling, i found out that omijobs was incorporated on the 29th of September 2018 by ‘Mr Omar Mahmood’ who was born in Dec 1997, and has no records of any activity whatsoever. The address used (1 Northumberland Avenue, London , WC2N 5BW), is an office space that can be rented virtually for online business use.


Literally just got off the phone to a guy named Josh - received an email to confirm if I’m willing to make a payment.

The email was signed off with ‘kind regards’ and from a generic info@ email with no sign off of his full name - huge scam alarm bells from yesterday with the fact that there was no confirmation email about the call and then on the call today, there were so many instances where I was put on hold to ‘see what could be done, knowing that I don’t have an IMC qualification’

I did mention right at the start that I don’t have the IMC certificate and would have expected a recruiter to tell me upfront that they can’t put me forward if that’s a minimum requirement.


I have just had a call from Josh at Omi.
I spent 30 minutes this morning talking through my CV- seemed very legitimate.
However when i emailed to say I was unhappy paying £289 without a certificate, signatures and an official enrollment on the course he did not seem happy and said he would see what he could do.

This is an easy scam to fall for. Seemed very legitimate. They also call on a blocked number so no way to block the calls.


I have already reported them to a UK governing body for fraud



Hi guys, Omijobs are now operating under Same deal. Finance Jobs UK reached out to me with same offer. Also reported to authorities. this is the guy behind it

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How do you know this is him?


If you check out his linkedin, he claims to be the owner of the company. If you look back at his linkedin activity from 10 months ago, he also set up a company called, if you google that company it comes up with a TrustPilot website talking about how the website was a scam and ran the same practices as Financial Jobs UK. That compnay no longer exists.


Hi, I am currently investigating Mr Mahmood and Cruz, please get in contact if you have any evidence of this company soliciting scams or if you have been scammed by personal message or replying to this thread, or the pseudonym

I’m coming for you Charlie

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