Anyone had experience of a CITI AC?


If so , could you please share some experiences. Not too definitive, just the basic structure of what happens would be great



Might be a little late but you will have a case study, several face-to-face with associates/VP/MD, a group exercise and some tests (verbal, numerical)


I had it yesterday, my god was it tough. Luckily i got the offer though.


congrats!! if you dont mind me asking, what program and location?
i applied to citi in asia


technology, uk



Congrats on receiving the offer! Would really appreciate if you could share your experiences.

  • What did the AC entail?
  • What was tough about it?
  • What sort of questions (both technical and non-technical) were you asked?

Hi jermaindefoe
Congrats on your offer. I have my Citi AC coming up in February. I was wondering if you could give me a few more details about the interviews and tests.
How technical were the questions? Could you give us an example?
What did the group exercise entail?