Anyone had any working experience on Deloitte TAA or KPMG IT Advisory?


Hi, guys,

I am wondering if anybody had working experience on Technology Assurance and Advisory in Deloitte or IT Advisory in KPMG.

I missed some career events for both firms. So I got no chance to talk to their staff who are doing this kind of job. I also searched their career sites. The information they provided for these positions are very few, not very helpful.

Could you please tell me:
The typical projects you did in your first year
What’s your daily work like

I have 1st interview for both positions in next month. So I want some deep understanding on them.



I would suggest, as this is a relatively small part of Deloitte consulting and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information around on the subject, that you call up HR and have a good chat to them. If possible, try to get them to let you talk to a current graduate in this department (if only for a few minutes) to get a real picture on what the job is like. This will benefit you no end!


Technology assurance is effectively auditing a company’s IT systems for security and accurancy- do people need passwords to login? Do they have specific permission levels? Are they really secure? Does the computer validate fields on a form, or can people make a mistake and the computer not detect it?

These are the sorts of things technology assurance people do for clients, and then report back on their findings. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of mistakes and fraud occuring.

In your first year, you will spend your time
*Visiting clients to assist with their technology audit (sometimes known more generally as ‘risk assurance services’, or RAS)
*Improving your technical knowledge and documentation skills.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Redsuperted! I tried your idea before, but the HR only referred me to the next career event. Luckily, I found an article about TAA working life written by a graduate on This site put this article in IT section instead of Accountancy. That’s why I didn’t find it early. But Redsuperted’s idea is still appreciated!

Thank you chrism2671! I believe you must have working experience on this TAA position! The info you provided is very helpful! Thanks!

This is a great site. I hope I found it earlier!