Anyone find the numerical reasoning tests hard work to practice for?


Generally, I am not naturally good at these. I passed one of them so far with my recent applications but I am pretty sure I will have failed two that I have recently taken.

I am trying to go through a lot of the practice packs , but, keep scoring within the 45-65% mark. I get better after I go through my mistakes, but when it comes to the actual tests I get thrown off by the pressure.

The only way I think that I will get good at this is if I keep practicing till I can answer the questions easily as second nature. Is anyone good at these and can share tips on how they pass ?

Mainly, I am practicing the SHL and TalentQ tests at the moment.


Hey no need to feel bad. I used to struggle a lot as well. I became good at them once I did so many the questions kept repeating and thus I would no the answer without having to work it out. This gave me more time later down the line for new and harder questions.

If you need more help feel free to message me or give me your email if more convenient.

Good luck!