Anyone ever come across a Bank of England Graduate Logic Test before?

Bank of England
IT Graduate

Hey guys, hope you can all help me?

i have been invited to a first round logic test with the Bank of England. I have applied to the IT graduate scheme and any help would be so so appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks guys



Has anyone come across a Logic test before with the bank of England?

anybodyyyyyy lol



Hello to all, i applied to BOE and have to attend a test session at BOE for a graduate IT role.

Below is a description of the test i will be taking:
The first stage is a logic test and this exercise requires you to write out a precise set of logical instructions to perform a clerical operation. Such sets of instructions are sometimes called “Structured English” and can be used as the basis for computer programs. No pre-reading can be provided for this test as it was written in house at the Bank.

i was hoping if someone could help me on this, how can i prepare for this test?
has anybody taken this test, if so please can you tell me about it so that i can prepare appropriately.

All help is appreciated.