Anyone else been messed around?


Morning all,

My KPMG application has been progressing nicely apart from a couple of problems. First, they told me at first interview that there were no business tax positions left, which is fair enough. THey then told me that there were still positions in personal services, which sounded great. I attended my assessment day on Tuesday, but my partner interview was to be delayed in order to get the correct partner. I then got an e-mail on Wednesday to tell me that the job I was applying to just disappeared…no more tax jobs in that office.

I know that they have many ongoing applications for any one position, but the timing of this one is more than a touch annoying as I should have completed the process on Tuesday, so it feels like KPMG have been dragging me along knowing full well that there’s a good chance of there not being a job that I want - they now want me to apply to audit. Anyone else had this happen? I’m hoping someone doesn’t accept an application for tax, otherwise I’ll be hoping I pass my EY tax assessment day!


they just do not want to loose you, i guess


This has happened to me too. KPMG are tossers.