Anyone been to a Council interview for their in-house Legal team?


Can anyone pls advise on what the written test will be like and the ques likely to be asked at Panel Interview?


I trained with a local authority and went through an assessment style interview process. I was interviewed by several local authorities before that. Each local authority has its own style. The written test will probably be on the areas of law covered by the authority you’re being interviewed by, so make sure you know the difference between a borough council, county council and a unitary authority/London Borough. This is equally important at the panel interview. When you take the written test its not necessarily what you know that’s important but the way you tackle the questions and how you cope under pressure. You need to have an answer ready at interview as to why you want to work for a local authority, what you know about how a local authority operates. Learn a few of the buzz words, so look at their website and get to know a few of their policy documents as it shows an interest in them. Also, look at the Local Government Association website, as that deals with the key issues faced by local authorities.

Hope that helps & good luck!!