Anyone attending Capgemini AC on 25th Feb 2015?



Hi - thought it would be good to know each other before the day :slight_smile:


Hi, I will be attending the assessment centre on the 25th. I was surprised to find there is no verbal test as I read on other threads. Its only presentation, interview and group exercise. Did you get the same email?


Hi, I got the same email- mentioned we will only have the presentation, interview and the group task. I was surprised as well to see that there was no verbal test but I am not sure if they just forgot to include it? Hope this is not the case as all the other threads do mention having to do this at the AC. Do you know if the interview will be competency based?


In my phone interview the interviewer mentioned the interview on the assessment day will be similar to phone to interview in a form of strength based interview.



I hope you both performed well on the day. How did it go? what was involved? I am at the telephone interview stage, there is not much info regarding the questions they have asked in the telephone interview, could you provide a list of questions that could help?




What telephone interview questions did you get?



Hey guys, anyone heard back on outcome of AC yet?