Anyone are going to the Accenture assessment center on 6th June morning, 2011?


Hi, anyone going to the Accenture assessment center on 6th June morning, 2011? It would be great if we know each other in advance. :slight_smile:



I am scheduled on the same date and time. What a coincidence. How is the preparation going for you? I am extremely worried.



I am also coming to the assessment centre that day. Prep is going ok but finding the time is hard right now…hopefully it will be ok though :slight_smile:


Hi! I am also in for the same day at 9AM.
How is your prep going on?
All the best!


@KC3005…why is the time hard now?


Hi Topcon, I am just finding it tricky to find time to masses of prep because I have a full time job, but I am squeezing research in at every opportunity! How are you finding the prep? Hope it is going well :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Great to know that almost half of the people attending the day are here. I think we all are in the same boat and a friend of mine who works for ACN mentioned to me that at an assessment centre, we are not competitors. If we are all good, we will all get hired. I am sure there is nothing better than that. I think it will be very important to keep this in mind especially in the group exercise, to make sure that we all work very well together.

My preparation is not going too great as I am also in a full time job. I am particularly worried about the in-tray as of now.

3 days left. I am freaking out actually.


Hi RT316!
You are right in saying we are not competitors…hence we should collaborate well and deliver some tangible output. I heard time is a constraint and we need to be quickly agree our views rather than defer much with each other.

How are you practising the In tray and case studies?

The intray exercise on Accenture’s website is just the question and is incomplete!!
I am really looking for a solid prep exercise for intray.




I did have a look at the in-tray on the ACN website too but like you mentioned, it is not the best prep example. I have had some solid search around for examples but I havnt found something which is too great. There are a few but they are are relatively different in structure and I guess we will just have to be prepared for the worst on Monday. And yes- time is the decider. Also I think you have to structure your writing quite well. It is a written exercise, so it will be crucial to watch your handwriting and make it look like you have structured your answer rather than overwriting, scribbling and looking messy.

Regarding case studies, I guess it would be helpful just to have a look at the ACN, BCG and Bain websites. they are quite elaborate but I dont think the ACN case studies get as technical ans BCG or Bain.

I completely agree- it is important to decide on things quickly and come up with solutions rather than argue. I think my buddy told me also to be very careful to not boss around any exercise. It is most important to come through as a solid team player so I hope everyone will be absolutely co-operative. And imagine if we all get hired, there will be nothing better than that in the world.

Good luck with all the preparation guys and feel free to bring in questions and concerns. We will all be able to discuss and get a feel of how to handle them (I am sure we all have many and similar concerns).



Hi all,

Glad we are all in the same boat, it is somewhat reassuring! Like you say, there is only so much you can prepare, the rest is performance on the day of problem solving and teamwork. Everyone is keen to get the job so I am sure we will be able to come up with a good group exercise - I am sure that if we work together, generate lots of ideas and make decisions quickly we will be fine. It is probably worth splitting up the task so we can work even quicker in pairs perhaps - this obviously depends on the structure of the task but may be conducive to speedy performance.

The in tray is nerve-wracking but at the end of the day it is also something that you cannot really prepare too much for. I am concentrating much more on the case studies as I think that is where you can really show your knowledge and understanding of what Accenture does.

Anyway, good luck over the weekend and lets just be really positive :slight_smile:


Hi all who are going for AC.

I want to submit application and struggling to answer question: why you want to join Accenture.

Can you help? may be send me what you wrote? hehe

a new user looking for help.


Hi All,

Howz the prep going on?
have you practiced the Intray and Case study well?

I am just structuring everything than practising as I don’t have any practice material.

Does anyone have an idea how the status report template looks like in the Intray Exercise?
Is it divided by the type of issue (delivery, financial and other issues) or by the project (project 1, project 2, project 3)?



Hi all,

Prep is going fine but it is the time constraint on the case study that I found difficult…one can only do their best though and get as much down as possible. Not sure how the status report template is set out but I would personally prefer to lay my answer out by the type of issue.

See you tomorrow!


Hi KC3005!
I just scheduled my date today and have only 4 days left.
I am hoping that it is sufficient for prep. as the assessment is mostly focused on presence of mind and intuition for which we cannot really prepare.

Anyway I am also working fulltime and finding sometime in the evenings for the prep.


Hi Topcpn,

I am also Schedule for 10 June 13:00 pm what time are you scheduled for the interview?


Hi Topcon,

I am also Schedule for 10 June 13:00 pm what time are you scheduled for the interview


Hi All!!
I lost the 2nd round interview. Did’nt get an offer.
Feedback was:

  1. Team Working Skills
  2. Prioritization and Organizing work (Time Management)

Good luck to all!


Hi all!

I hope the AC went successfully for you.


I still haven’t heard back.

Topcon, did you feel you did a good job although? Was your result anticipated?

Anyone else got through?


Hi guys,

Can you please help me with this? I gave my first round of ACG interview on last friday and havent heard from ACN yet. I understand that the waiting period is 5-10 days. However, this friend of mine gave the first interview same time and he has got an email that he’s been successful. Does this mean I havent been successful? :-/