Anyone applied to BP/Shell?


Just wondering if anyone has applied, if so what they thought about the process

Also if you would recommend applying? I’m in 4th year of BA Accountancy unsure if I want to become strictly an accountant ie join a accounting practice locally and do professional exams that way, or try to join a large finance function eg BP or a bank.

BP website states they put you through ICAS which is great, the assessment day(s) sound tough though! Does each route ultimately have the same end? ie chartered accountant?


A friend of mine works at Shell and they love it. It seems like a great company to work for. Have you seen our energy section (currently still in development!) here - [[list of energy firms]]. There is some info on [[Shell]], [[BP (British Petroleum)]] and [[Maersk]] which may be helpful.


Hi, has anyone done any telephone interview recently? Have you heard back from Shell?


kingIB, I’m done with the phone interview with BP. Now, I have to take their assessment.


Hi bestkeepstar, I know your post is old, but can I ask you the information about what BP’s telephone interview would be like? Thank you very much.