Anyone applied/is applying to PwC Corporate Finance London?


My first post on this site - what’s up everyone?!

I’ve applied for PwC CF (full-time grad) and I am currently awaiting my assessment centre in December. Seems like most posts are from those applying to audit/tax roles…any others in a similar situation to me? Holla!


Got my AC coming up on December 9, in Cardiff. I applied to their corporate finance department as well. I had my first interview on the 14th, and they got back to me by Friday. Do you know if the AC and the partner interview is on the same day?


Hey PigDog…mine’s a few days before yours on the 6th! Based on their website, partner interviews are separate from the AC - most likely in the new year if you’re successful at the AC. Do you think the numerical tests will be generally norm’d to all candidates who have passed the AC, or specifically norm’d to candidates who applied to CF and passed the AC? (It’s the only thing about the AC I’m concerned about!)


Hi, can you guys tell me what was asked in your telephone interviews please?


Really wasnt too hard man. I got asked each of the competencies and I had to provide an example of each. One that stumped me a little was when they asked me to tell them about a time when I was faced with a choice that could be potentially unethical. Good luck!


Anyone got offered a place on CF?


cheers PigDog, also did they ask you about current business events?


im waiting on a ac outcome… what cf role have u applied for? have u had partner interview then?


Yeah, I said something about increased pressure to cut costs due to lower consumer confidence and lower spending. Read up a bit on Bloomberg and WSJ, and formulate your own opinions, everything will be ok.

They actually called me today to wish me good luck on my AC (tomorrow) and gave me some feedback on my 1st round. They said I demonstrated good commercial knowledge. Keep in mind I come from a engineering background, so if I can do it, economics/finance/accounting majors should have no problems.


No partner interview yet. I applied for CF and I need to wake up pretty early tomorrow morning for my AC. Wish me luck guys, over and out.


good luck!


Just got back from AC. That written report is just not enough time. The lady said she’ll call next week, so we’ll see what happens


Yo PigDog, heard back?


Hey PigDog,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences, hope you progressed to the next stage!

I got a telephone interview coming up for a full-time Corporate Finance position and was hoping someone who has gone through this stage could tell me more about it. Do you guys know how much these telephone interviews vary across different service lines?


ahmed.q - my telephone interview (for a CF position) followed the same competency based format mentioned by many on this forum. I’m quite sure they have a standard set for all business areas.

I’m currently waiting to have my partner interview scheduled for M&A. Anyone in the same boat?


Same here…I am waiting for scheduling my partner interview for M&A …any idea when will we hear back for possible dates?


Sorry for the REALLY late response guys. I’m waiting on my partner interview for M&A. The lady told me I might have to talk to a a partner or a director. She also told me they’ll contact me in January to schedule. This is going to be a bit of a problem though. I’m going to China on the 18th to visit family, returning in early Feb. I was thinking maybe it will be better to call graduate recruitment myself and try to book it for some day before I leave. You guys think thats a good idea?

Happy new year everyone, hopefully we all get our offers and meet in London!


browncargos - sometime this month according to the email. I’ll call them if I haven’t heard anything in a couple of weeks or so.

PigDog - that’s probably a good shout. When I was told I progressed to the final round, I gave them my availability and the lady said she’d do her best to get an appropriate slot for me. I’m sure someone can fit you in by the 18th. Happy new year to you too and ameen to all of us getting offers!


Any advice for the AC?


Written exercise is very time pressing. You need to be able to read fast and write fast with a good report structure.

Only other thing to worry about is the group exercise. I had two people in my group, and they agreed to one thing, while I had a dissenting view. I tried to convince them that I was right by explaining my logic and presenting the evidence, but they wouldn’t listen. I didnt want to look like a jackass, so I said that I understood what they were trying to get at, but we lacked some information. If we could made two assumptions about the data provided, then their argument was valid.

The important thing to remember for the group exercise is that you need to be assertive without dominating the discussion.