Anyone Any Interviews so Far? (Grad role)

Goldman Sachs

I have applied for few graduate roles, including Citigroup, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs… But, do not receive any invitation to interviews, even telephone interviews. I am wondering if you guys get any interview opportunities.


I have applied GPM and GS. No response yet.


I think it’s still too early for them to be dishing out interviews


DB, CS, Nomura, MS, UBS - all have started interviews


do you know for which roles interviews have started IBD_Haunter?


Front office for all except for DB… i know DB is having back office too…

Most have held fast track interviews already…

add RBS to that list as well.

Also, Greenhill has already had an AC… they might have another one in November if vacancies are still left.


That doesnt look great for my Nomura Sales application then.

What are you looking at IBD_Haunter?


Macquarie is also holding some first round interviews this week and early next week!


Hi IBD_Haunter,

I have applied to MS and RBS only last week. I am worried that I applied too late, would you know if they still do ACs or have they filled most of positions already?

Many thanks!


I also applied to GS, CS, JPM, DB, Macquarie, Citi all within the last 2 weeks (except GS). Haven’t had any interview invites yet, done a couple of tests though. Biting my nails with anxiety!! Worried I applied too late as well…


UBS internship Assessment Centres already started! Anyone here have been?


Soc Gen telephone interview only


I would advise that it is very late for IB applications (for front office grads). You’ll have more luck with Corporate banks / asset management / consultancy now as these guys start recruiting slighly later than the banks.

My only front office assessment centre, I sent the app in late sept. I thought that was late let alone 2 months later!

Sorry guys, but you need to apply earlier next time.


I applied to credit suisse, got the interview this month and got the job, will be starting next year


which area did you apply to?


It was the graduate scheme for IT Technical Role.


ah, i also applied for the same, but haven’t heard back from them. well done on the job offer!! did you have previous related work experience?


I had a years worth of experience after I graduated but my degree was nothing to do with IT or investment banking. I think it all depends on the skills you can offer. were you at any of the open days?


no, i wasn’t unfortunately. i probably should have gone, it might have helped my chances.
i wasn’t aware you could apply for grad schemes if you hadn’t graduated within the last year? or did you manage to apply etc. just within that time?


Some graduate schemes give you three years +

Also most grads schemes were shut last year, recruiters know this. I had an assessment centre with a bank, there were about 30 people and 80% graduated last year or the year before.