Anybody need practice for an online verbal/numerical ability test?


Hi everybody

I’m currently researching the link between cognitive ability and educational achievement in the recruitment and selection process. if you are a graduate and can spare 1-2 minutes to provide some details about your previous educational history I can invite you (within 24 hours) to take an official 8 minute online cognitive ability test used by thousands of organisations (the Wonderlic Quick Personnel Test). This should be useful to anybody who is searching for a job as it can provide valuable practice. This will take about 10 minutes of your time in total, and will be available to participate in up until 5th August 2010.

The link to the brief 2 minute survey is:

Please Mods can you keep this thread open as it is for research purposes into the recruitment and selection process and can be beneficial to both research and anyone on this forum wishing/needing to practice online selection tests.

Kind regards