Anybody know what questions are asked at KPMG interview?


I think it should be the same as the other big 4 roughly, but has anybody actually done it?

Thanks, J.


I did a KPMG interview when I applied for Big 4. I didn’t get the job, but I do roughly remember what questions were asked.

They were:
[]Can you give me 2 examples of when you’ve worked in a team?
]Can you give me 2 examples of when you’ve been a leader?
[]Why do you want to be an accountant?
]What does it mean to be an auditor?
[]What do you think you will be doing in your first year?
]Are you are aware of the structure and content of the qualification you are doing (ACA in my case), and what will be required of you?
[*]Why do you want to work at KPMG instead of other accounting firms, like Deloitte, PwC or Ernst & Young? This was the question I fell down on; the wrong answer was “no reason, they’re all the same”, which is what I said. The right answer, which was suggested to me by the interviewer at the time, was because of all the charity work that KPMG does, helping in the community. It doesn’t matter that all firms do charity work. You should be aware of what specific charity work they do.

Hope this helps. My interview at KPMG was actually easier than my Deloitte or PwC interviews; I just had a bad day!



In response to the why are we different question, I could honestly vouch for the fact that:

“the main reason why all companies are different is that EACH AND EVERY one does loads of corporate responsibility (even the oil companies!)”.

Which is clearly a stupid statement, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m sure interviewers must know this as well?

I would be inclined to answer that question with a general hint of why working for a big 4 accountancy firm has a really good reputation for quality of life, atmosphere and really good training and then I would ice the cake with some statistic like: “KPMG were voted the auditor of the year” (I’m sure I read that somewhere!)

Unfortunately I didn’t get through the numerical test for KPMG so I wont get to use that answer (maybe next year!)

More generally, I’m increasingly more convinced of the fact that the secret to a good interview answer is to some how add in some fact relevant to the organisation or experience. It could draw attention away from the lame example and make you sound well researched and knowledgeable.

Comments welcome!



I definately agree with you, don’t just say chairty work, say WHAT charity work they do. The fact that they all do charity work is neither here nor there. In all honesty, there are extremely few reasons why you wuold want to work for any Big 4 than the other; the experience will be largely identical.


KPMG interview is the first of my big4 application, which went extremely bad. The interviewer is HR instead of line manager as in other firms and I feel the pressure from not very friendly tone (possibly too professional in my opinion). What impressed me is the question sth like What are you focusing on these days in the market. Note they will ask two current issues possibly. And they will let you give an example of a well operated company and why. Anyway, defense yourself with reasons, that’s where i failed at the end. KPMG give feedback of the interview and clearly my shortcoming is lack of business awareness. Good luck.


Funny, at KPMG I was interviewed by a manager from the audit line. I guess it might have just been luck of the draw. She was very friendly and nice!


I had initially applied for Public Sector Audit and was asked to give an example of a public organisation that was doing particularly bad and one which was doing well and why.

I hadn’t prepared for this at all and my common sense got me through although when I asked her for feedback to possibly take along to the next stage, she told me to research the market more to be a little more specific.

There is an online Public Sector magazine which is worth looking into, the title of which I cannot seem to remember. Google should help to find it.

Oh and I had all the above questions too, including “what do you think is your biggest achievement and why?”