Anybody had a PwC Partner Interview?


Got a Consulting Partner Interview coming up and would love to talk to somebody who’s had one.


I had my AC for HR Consulting on the 4th November, got through, and have since been waiting for them to schedule a partner interview. Have you or anyone else been waiting for this, or do you already had a date set?

I don’t want to end up finding out that the positions have been filled while I’ve been waiting for my partner interview. I applied quite early (21st September) so I was kind of hoping I’d have an outcome by now… :frowning:


I finished my AC on 13th October, took them a little over a month to schedule my Partner Interview. It’s taking some time because they’ve had to re-adjust numbers since their November Intake has been quite good, so now they have to try and push people to transfer applications and then give them dates for AC / Partner Interviews.


Hi mate,

Have my partner interview tomorrow for consulting. Have you had yours yet?


Hi! How was your partner interview? did you get an offer? I’m applying for HR transformation and have scheduled an AC in January, I was wondering do you mind share your experience in your AC as how did you perform in the group discussion, as I found this is the most difficult part for me to prepare, did you take the lead role in the discussion?
Thanks in advance.


As I suspected, I was recently informed that while I had been waiting (over a month) to have a partner interview scheduled, the positions for HR Consulting had all been filled and I was told that I could be transferred to a different department. After some thought, I decided to switch to Assurance/Consulting shared scheme, and was then asked to answer 2 “focus questions” (500 words each) about why pwc and why this service line. I have now sent these back to them and am once again waiting to find out if/when I’ll get a partner interview…


Hi Celine, as mentioned below, I haven’t yet had my partner interview so also no offer yet!

The AC was fairly structured and I think the hardest part was the numerical - I didn’t struggle with the online one at all but I really struggled on the day and only attempted 11 of the 20 questions. I was sure I’d failed, but somehow got through with a score of 3/6. The individual written task went by very quickly and unlike some other ACs, had to be written by hand, which meant planning and structuring before writing was quite important, though obviously as you only have half an hour, you can’t dwell on that too much.

As far as the group task goes, I would say I was assertive but not trying to “lead” the discussion. Good points to focus on during this exercise (and which I was praised for, scoring all 5/6 and 6/6) are things like summarising what you’ve decided on so far at intervals throughout the exercise, clarifying to make sure everybody agrees, and trying to go through logically to initially rule out options that aren’t viable, and consider which options you’re going to discuss in more depth. Be vocal about these things as it shows you’re helping to structure the group and the time. Pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask someone to clarify if they haven’t been very specific or clear. It shows that you understand the task and are trying to keep everyone on track. Also, obviously, it’s a group task, so don’t interrupt people, ensure everybody is given an opportunity to voice their opinion (maybe by suggesting a systemic approach whereby everybody presents their option initially) and if you notice somebody being a bit quiet, address them directly and ask them what their thoughts are. It is very helpful to learn people’s names in advance.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much for your detailed information, and I would prepare base on your suggestions. It’s really a shame that all the HR Consulting role were filled, have u considered HR transformation? as I suspect the two departments have many things in common, and all the best to your “focus questions”!


Which office was this?