Anybody applying for Morgan Stanley Finance Department in London?

Morgan Stanley

Hi guys, I wonder if anyone is in same situation as me. I want to apply to Finance of Morgan stanley in London but I couldn’t find the job in their search engine. the recruitment team says “every department will post its vacancy between the start of graduate recruiting and the deadline”. Does it mean that position is yet to come, or there’s not going to be any vacancy?

I am worried because when I applied for UBS, same thing happened and a contact within the firm said all vacancies are filled by 2009 interns.

Could anyone have any idea keep me posted? thanks alot!!


I dint apply for Morgan Stanley as they dont have any vacancies for the department I have interest.


They only have IBD, Sales and Trading and Private Wealth Management. Others are filled with summer interns.


To S.Le:

Thanks a lot for that information


Morgan Stanley expects to hire about 150 graduates each year for its European operations. All European graduates are hired into the London office. The application process is as follows:

* Numerical Test
* First Interview
* Second Interview

Hi guys,

I applied for 2 roles (Ops and Finance ) _ grad roles at MS and was invited to do online tests. They said in the email that there may be numerical, verbal, logical and numerical check tests, depending on what programme I applied. I really want to know which online tests I would have to do for each of these divisions and really need to prepare for them. I can’t see which one I would have to do before I click on the link to do the actual tests. Could anyone please kindly let me know?

Also, if there is more than one test. Do you have to pass the 1st test before being processed to the second test?

Thank you very much in advance.


You’re lucky… Apparently there is a recruitment freeze at MS ( spoke to someone who is an associate there) in the London Office so I am sure your application must have been brilliant