Any1 has taken RBS Psychometric Tests?


Any1 has taken RBS Psychometric Tests???


Yeah…did so on the 18th, waiting to hear back. Have you had one?


yeah i had one


@ n8net/barbetter: have you heard back from RBS yet? Has anyone been rejected in the psychometric test. I just did mine, dont know if it went well or not.


I did it. Does anyone know that when RBS’ application will be closed for 2010?


I think it 10 Jan


A couple of days after doing Psychometric tests I got invited to do Numerical Reasoning and a week after that I got invited to Assessment Centre (the first stage, super centre one)

RBS seem to be quite quick at getting back to you, but there are a lot of stages to do.


Hi Guys

I did the Psychometric test and got invited to do the numerical straigth away. Is that a good sign?

How long after doing the test did it take to get telephone interview or face to face or AC.

Thanks CK


How was the Psychometric test? Was it hard? Was it long?
I’m about to take it the next couple of days.
Thank you!


wasnt to bad @ molni


The psychometric testing is pretty straightforward. You just have to to say whether you agree or not with a series of statements. Just be honest, whilst keeping in mind the key competencies rbs are after.


@successhunter - can I ask which division did you apply for?

That is super quick progress. I have been in the process for around 2 months now.


I am going into Risk Emma85.


hello guys,
i am about to take a psychometric test soon. and i need experiences of you. in another forum of wikijobs, some claimed that this test does NOT include any numerical and verbal reasoning, and simply asks ur behavioral attitudes. on d other hand, when i check the official site of RBS, it is written that get ready for some numericals!!! so can u make it clear for me? what are we expected to answer in this test?



80 statements of Behavioral attitudes.
0 numericals



thanks mate, so neither numerical nor verbal test. i conclude that there is nothing to prepare myself for the test. should i just click and begin the test?


You might want to have a look at the competencies they are looking for in your specific programme… otherwise just click & begin (and there is no time limit for the test). Good luck!


i ve done the test. there is, indeed, no need to prepare. i hope they will response me soon. any idea how long should i wait for a positive or negative answer? by d way i am apllying for research department for summer internship…


So was checking out RBS GBM markets internships and saw that Analysts position were available. I am a bit confused regarding this as GBM markets has four divisions i.e Sales, Trading, Research and Structuring. Which division are they talking about when they say analysts? I want to get into Trading, Research or Structuring as they suit my abilities.