any suggestions for interview from Merrill Lynch


I got an invitation form Merrill Lynch today. I apply for Quantitative Research summer internship programme. It is my first inverview and I am quite nervous. Would anyone like to give me some suggestions and share the previous interview experience with me? I got so many rejection for intern and full time positions this year and felt quite desperate. I sincerely hope to prepare for this inverview well and fortunately get this intern. Many thanks firstly.


Hi !

i also applied for a research internship with ML but all I have got so far have been a few emails from the recruitment team telling me that they are still considering my application :slight_smile: the last such email came last Friday…well, i applied at the end of November :slight_smile:

Will you have an AC or just an interview? As far as I know, it should be an AC followed by offer/rejection.

Good luck!



Yeah, I will have an AC on March 17th and I am preparing for it now. But I still donot have any idea about preparation for it.

From my opinion AC is similar to an interview. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck for your application.


I think you should check the efinancialcareers website - they sometimes publish the interview experience of people who attended interviews or ACs in investment banking…


Thanks very much. :slight_smile:


no probs! Good luck and let me know how your assessment goes!