Any specific question for Technology Assurance and Advisory in Deloitte?



Hi all,

I will attend 1st interview for Technology Assurance and Advisory in Deloitte in September. I am just wondering any specific question for this role.

I know some people who apply for Audit. They definitely meet the question like:

How to audit some company?

Is there any similar question for TAA role, such as:

How to provide a TAA service for a big retailer such as ASDA or TESCO?

How to perform an audit on a company’s I.T systems, to help reduce the risk of fraud?

If there is any, could you please give some tips?



I suspect there will be. Probably those ones you mentioned, and also your background in technology.


hi, chrism2671,

thank you for reply.

to be honest, i really got no idea on how to answer these two questions although i raised them.

have you got any clue?



You need to work on your research about [[Deloitte]] and what it is you are applying for, otherwise they will figure you out in the interview.

Technology [[Audit & Assurance|Assurance]] & [[Advisory]] provides risk management services to other companies- what this means is they will help design and test automated processes to reduce the risk of error and fraud.

Audits on IT systems involve testing of computer [[control]]s, such as passwords and security systems, so that people only have access to what they need.