Any replies from Barclays Wealth yet?


Hi everyone

I wanted to know if anyone has been contacted by Barclays Wealth after the numerical tests stage. I had cleared the tests a few months ago and am still waiting for them to reply. I emailed them but still haven’t received any replies. Is anyone in the same boat?



I completed the online tests about a month ago and haven’t heard anything yet either. Haven’t tried getting in touch with them though.


Hey guys,

Do we have to do any verbal test after the numerical test for Barclays Wealth?


Hey guys, I had my phone interview with Barclays Wealth about 10 days ago, I’m still waiting for a response…

Julian, Verbose, did they finally contact you? If you got a phone interview let me know, I’ll share my experience

@Riya - yes, at least I had to

Good luck!!


I did the application form back in August and there were 100% no competency questions. Got an email last week saying I needed to complete them or my application would be withdrawn, then got some link to some external site with 3 comp questions on, 500 words each. I’ve since looked at the BW app form (re-registered), and now the comp questions are there, but only 90 words! How very strange.

Please share your telephone q’s, although I imagine it’ll be why barclays, why WM etc etc.


I applied nearly two mnths ago, ocmpelted the online tests and then have heard nothing. Have assumed they have filled the roles!


@ wantscouttsbadly: I think you are technically knocked out since you want to work for their competitor!!


hey guys, has anyone recently done a telephone interview with them? I saw questions they had asked back in 2009 but I’m guessing they might have changed the questions…

Please do update if you have the time. It would be very helpful … thanks