Any recent PwC Partner Interview ?


Hi all,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Probably it’s not a good time to ask this question, but if anyone has done PwC Risk Assurance Partner Interview recently, I would much appreciate your advice and suggestions!

Thanks in advance and enjoy Valentine’s Day!


Anyone got any news for M&A partner interview??

I had my AC before Christmas & still waiting to get dates for partner interview…


Had my M&A partner interview last week (internship), you going for grad or intern?


I m going for grad.
Really anxious as I don’t know how is it possible that they can’t find a date for me since 2 months…


I’m also waiting for my M&A partner interview. I called them just over an hour ago and they’re still sorting out some stuff, the lady told me they’re working out “Slots”


Yeah PigDog, I got the same answer from them.
Let’s hope for the best!


Wow. Since before Christmas? And i thought I had things bad. Been waiting for a partner interview for the last month and probably won’t get one till March now. I’ve heard the partner interview isn’t too difficult, just a formality really. Of course that isn’t going to stop me from voraciously taking in as much info as possible from PwC’s website!


Has anyone managed to arrange a partner interview yet?


Yes. Next week.


Did you have to call them up again or did they just email you? I’ve been waiting for ages…!

Oh, and good luck!


Thanks! And no, their customer service division randomly called me to explain they were still processing applications and looking for senior partner interview slots. It was only after I explain that I’d already received an offer that they fast tracked me to the next available slot.

I wouldn’t worry though. Everybody seems to be going through the same thing.


I had my AC in late november, passed it successfully and still haven’t heard from them about the interview…


This is good and bad to hear I guess, I have also been waiting to book a partner interview, my assessment centre was in Reading on the 9th feb, thing is, I am not actually assigned to a location as I applied for a graduate role in Assurance - ‘All Locations’. I have been ringing a lot but getting no where! make sure you all post when you get one so I can call and snap up any other dates! What locations are you guys going for?


I’ve applied for IT risk assurance in London starting in autumn. What about you?


General assurance all locations.


and yes also autumn!


Got bad news for people. If you’ve been waiting a while for ur partner interview for a london placement then it’s probably because they’ve filled all the positions. My bro has been waiting 4months for his in transaction services and after hounding them they finally told him all the positions were full. They also said all the assurance positions in london were full. I’ve been waiting for my partner interview for audit and it looks like it’s not going to happen.

This is the first year they’ve run the AC and partner interview separately and it looks like it’s lead to a monumental cock up. They haven’t even bothered telling the people waiting.


Wow I feel even luckier! Just come back from my partner interview in London, having been offered the job an hour later!! Only reason I got an interview was because I mentioned I already had an exploding offer.


Well done wasted fun! that’s brilliant. I had a call today to say that they want to arrange an interview with me in the next week, Its going to be for a role in Southampton because yes as you said London is full, as is Reading in case anyone is interested. That’s a shame for your brother but he should be able to get one in another location? I said to the lady if the spaces filled up in the time i’m waiting for my interview what would happen and she said that I would still get the chance to take the job but it would be at another location where there are vacancies, and also, the Southampton one was full until today when they got some new opening vacancies so it seems they are still adding them on an ad hoc basis.


I’ve applied for the same department as well. Have you heard back about interviews?

I called them last week and they said they would get back to me. Haven’t heard back but then again, what’s new…