Any questions answered on the application process to big 4 firms


I have just spent the last 2 months in the old big 4 application rat race, during this time this website and the people behind the posts have been indispensable. I have been lucky enough to get offers from PwC, KPMG and Deloitte in Audit London, a lot of this is down the the help I received on here. So time to give something back, if anyone has any questions on the process they want answers to I will do my best to answer them.


Which one have you accepted and why?


I decided to go for PwC my plan is to do the training and go elsewhere. I believe PwC has the best brand and will look best on the CV. However, was a difficult decision as each had their own advantages. I really got on well with people at KPMG, but I guess when you get to the Big4 it comes down to personal preference.


Congrats on your offer

what did you do to make yourself stand out?



pm for you :slight_smile:


To make my self stand out I felt it was important to highlight the aspects that made me different and more versatile than others. I did engineering at uni, so I likened the processes and the way in which risk is managed in engineering to accountancy. I made sure I constantly drew comparisons between what I had done in my past and what I wanted to do in my future with a big4 firm.
I opened my interests up to them, not just talking about the straightforward member of the rugby team sort of stuff. I thought hard about what makes me individual. I spoke about being a kitesurf instructor and an ambassador of the IMechE, and driving through the sahara. With a bit of thought it seems you can turn pretty much any experience you have had into something tasty for the interview.
I am a reasonably confident guy and don’t get too nervous but I focused on the first half an hour where you meet everyone as if it was the most important part of the day. By doing this, getting to know the people around me, I found everything a lot more relaxed going forward.
I hope this helps.


Congrats on all the offers. Thats one hell of an achievement

I was just wondering, seeing as how you got offers from all of those firms how you would answer questions about what sets them apart. Not just from smaller companies but from each other. They all claim to be all things to all men but what are each companies specific advantages over each other (most importantly Deloitte since i am applying for there at the moment but it would be good to know for all of the big 4 if you know)


I’ve asked that question to people who work for Deloitte and everyone says the people. Apparently everyone who works for Deloitte is really nice which makes for a great working environment.

PwC is the number one firm and likes to show that off. They’re currently aiming to become the iconic professional services firm which is what sets them apart.

Couldn’t really say for the others.


Although I have yet to be interviewed (hope so) I guess the “people” answer applies everywhere. It would be ideal if you met with any of the staff before (open houses, career fairs, workshops etc.) and mention how you liked the employees, that they would be great to work with, friendly, you name it…