any progress wtih Bombardier 2012?


Hi all:

I applied for Bombardier 2012 global graduate HR track. Submitted my application on 12th Feb. Any one got news from them? Really want to work in Berlin…thanks!



I applied way back in Jan (29th to be exact) but haven’t heard back from them yet. Wrote to them on thr facebook page and they replied saying they will start going through the applications in a few days, this was the 21st of Feb. But nothing yet. I am thinking if I should write to them again.

Anyways ne news at your end, did you hear back. It would be great if you let me know when you do and I can do the same.




Thanks for your information! I didn’t hear anything from them either…I wrote to them on facebook and didn’t get reply. I guess they will review CVs after 31st March, because that’s the deadline for application.

I will let you know for sure if I get any news from them. Wish us best luck!




Nice to hear from you. Lets see when they get back. Although the deadline for this year is 30th April I think and not march.
I hope they don’t make us wait that long!!



Really? April 30th?

It’s hard to imagine that I can wait so long…


I just received an email from them. I got rejected…applied for HR track.


me too :frowning:
so wasnt expecting it :frowning:


Me neither…I guess it’s because I can’t speak German and applied for HR job. which track did you apply for? Can you speak German?


i applied for General Management. Can’t speak German but had a couple of friends with similar profiles who got through last year. So expected that my application will be selected at least.

Its good we found out otherwise would have kept waiting for no reason. I hope you are successful in your other endeavors and applications!



Hope you too!


Hello Guys,

that’ll be the first I’m applying for the Bombardier Graduate Program.
My question is:
Is it possible to apply for several tracks or only one is possible?

Also: I noticed from the BB website that they seem to prefer the technical educated people rather then business student, even for the general management track. Maybe business people can share experiences at applying there…

Thanks a lot


Hi Guys!

I also applied for the GM track and took the online assessment last Friday. Classic SHL test and was pretty challenging given the short time limit. I hope I make it to the next step!

In the application questionnaire(GM) there is an option for IS track, asking if you’d be interested in. On the other hand, as far as I know for HR and Finance they are looking for people especially specialized on that particular field. There is no harm applying for more than one track but I would say it would look a little bit imprecise.

PS: I have no engineering background and do not speak German that good.

Best of luck for everyone!


When I applied in 2011 I used this website a lot and now as a global graduate at BT I thought it would be nice to share some tips :slight_smile:

Some questions I’ve seen here:

  • CV selection is ongoing, not only after the 30th of March/April
  • You don’t need to speak German (I don’t) but the more languages the better of course. only 3 of the 2011 graduates speak <3 languages.
  • Business students are also selected for the General Management program.
  • As outofblue said you can select in the application questionnaire which other tracks you’re interested in.

Some other questions I expect:

  • SHL scores are only 1 aspect in the selection. I know people with scores >95% on both math and verbal and people with scores <50% who got the job.

A last tip: never say that you want to live in a certain country/region, be 100% flexible.

Feel free to ask for questions!


Thans Jimmm!! And do you like the program?? What can you tell us about your experience there?

I had the phone interview on March 14th… I haven’t heard from them ever since, but no worries (yet) cause they told me they would call or write to me on April… So, let’s wait…

Good luck for all!


Thanks Jimmm for your input, and thanks for your further answer (if any).

Daa087, may I ask you how was the Phone Interview like?
could you maybe give details about what they asked you (based on the online test, personality or motivations questions…)??

Thank you very much


Thanks Jimmm for your input, and thanks for your further answer (if any).

Daa087, may I ask you how was the Phone Interview like?
could you maybe give details about what they asked you (based on the online test, personality or motivations questions…)??

Thank you very much, and good luck for your application!


It was quite simple. They asked me about my motivation to join Bombardier, what could I bring to the company. They asked me about languages I speak, about previous experiences working in different teams. They also asked me about my location preferences. It lasted about 23 minutes… Good luck with your interview!! Cheers!


He daao87,

To answer your questions whether I like the program, that’s easy: Yes. Everybody, myself included, is very flexible in choosing their path in terms of function, area & location. I’ve had very good input from my mentor developing a career plan to define what rotations are good for what I plan to do after the program, and in 10 years.

Higher up management is aware of the program and really support what you’re doing, it’s easy to contact anybody in the company for questions or input. (Although emails might not always be the most responsive way of communication).

Sometimes people don’t know the program and think we’re the same as interns, due to the terminology ‘trainee’ which differs per country, but if you explain the program this is easily clarified.

Also moving around is very easy, I’ve moved before where I had to arrange everything myself, here you’re just in contact with a relocation provider who does all tedious jobs for you!

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Jimmm!!! It sounds very exciting what you tell.

Today I have received an email invitation to the Assessment Center at Hennigsdorf , near Berlin, for mid May. Does anyone else has received an email like that? I think it would be a good idea to keep in touch in advance with people who is going to the AC the same days than me.

Regards and good luck to everyone!


I have to go to the AC in one week!! Does anybody knows what to expect?? What kind of tasks am I going to be asked to do? How will the evaluations be?? Any previous experience or any idea is enormously helpful! Thanks in advance guys! And good luck to everyone!