Any practice pyschometric tests for PWC


Any practice pyschometric tests for PWC I can do? I know someone who will be tested by them soon.


The WikiJob ones ([[numerical reasoning|numerical - here]] and [[verbal reasoning|verbal - here]]) are fairly similar. I believe PwC uses [[SHL]] tests, examples of which are on the [[SHL]] website.





I’ve just got through the PwC recruitment process this week and I practiced a lot with SHL as it is indeed the company that they use! The link to SHL’s website enables you to take a practice test which consists of 38 questions.
Additionally, I have also found the two tests below by searching on Google. The first two links relate to the tests, the third link takes you to a PDF of the answers to the questions.
I hope this helps? I know how hard it is to get some proper practice in with only one test. also has three good numerical tests under the student section of the website.


great stuff killing moon!

to what i remember at PWC the tests are slighy easier, the only hard bits are 0.23*0.53 etc and adding fractions, im sure this must be stuff on the net for this. any suggestions?

thanks again.


I would say the diagrammatic reasoning was much, much harder than the numerical test - which is much easier than KPMG’s also.


Hi guys,

Does anyone have a copy of those pdf files? The links have, sadly, gone dead.



has anyone had any experience with graduatemonkey, are they any good? I saw their aptitude test preparation tutorial (Ebook, videos and practice tests) packs start from £19 per pack. Not sure if it is worth my money. Looking for a prompt response.
thanks a lot in advance!


Hi, If you want to practice numerical and non-verbal i.e. diagrammatical (inductive, logical) reasoning tests, I think the best place to practice and learn for PwC may be graduatemonkey 'cause they do tutorials as well. They don’t have verbal packs though. I hope this helps.