Any particular qualifications you could recommend?


Dear WikiJob users,

Just to quickly introduce myself, I am a PhD student doing Biochemistry who is considering a career in Management Consultancy.
Is there any similar qualifications to CFA, but only specific to Management Consultancy? As I am from non econmics or management background, I would like to take some qualifications to increase my knowledge.

Thanks for your help in advance!


I’m relatively new to all of this, but I have the distinct impression that things like the CFA aren’t going to boost your application by any significant amount. It’s a very dry way to convey your interest in pursuing a career in business. I might be wrong, however.

Things that definitely will help at the application stage:

  • decent/interesting work experience
  • lots of extra-curricular stuff demonstrating things like leadership, teamwork, imagination, rising to a challenge…
  • MBA (since, with a PhD, you’ll have to apply at the same level as MBA candidates anyway). But an MBA is certainly not a prerequisite.

You won’t get locked out of the process simply for having a biochem background. People go into consulting from all kinds of fields and biochem is more analytical than most, which is a plus.


Thanks for your message!
Certainly, MBA would help but as for most of PhD students who do not have a significant work experience, they will not be eligtible. You need at least 3 years of work experience.