Any late applicants out there?


Yeah i started out super-late. This is partly thanks to being from a non-target school where Big 4 rarely treads. :slight_smile:

In any case i noticed that most of the applications still open are for tax positions only. Is that the case this late in the recruiting season? There are absolutely no more audit or corporate finance roles within teh Big 4 anymore. Heck even BDO and GT have no more audit or corporate finance roles left.

Anybody notice this? Should i forget about audit this late in the game?


Are you sure there are no more audit positions? I know of a few people who have assessment days andf first interviews coming up for audit positions at top four firms.


I don’t know where you get your info from but a quick search at KMPG shows they still have loads of audit positions open.
Why don’t you just visit each website and see what they have left? KPMG Audit still has loads of locations available.
I got an email from Deloitte last month saying I should change my entry path (I changed from Audit to BPRC) as the roles would likely be filled up by the time I had my final interview so I know Deloitte are full, but give KPMG a try :wink:
Luckily for me BPRC has been a smooth process and I have a final partner interview coming up next week.
Keep looking i’m sure there’s more roles out there than you make out.


OK thank you guys. I stand corrected. The reason i made the comment was that i had been through EnY and PwC’s websites and they had their audit locations full. I will re-check again and see.