Any ideas on RBS Private Bank Graduate Programme?


Hi Everyone

I took the personality test and then RBS invited me to the Numerical Test. Although they havent confirmed it to me yet but when I called them they told me that I had cleared the numerical test. Now my question is how does the process after that? Any ideas would be really helpful.

PS: They havent called me for a telephone interview yet which I presume would be the next level but is there anyone who has some inkling on it?


Hi Verboseguy

You are right - if you are successful on the numerical test, you will be invited to attend a competence-based telephone interview. There are really helpful comments regarding the questions asked/what’s expected of you on the thread at this address (

After this, you should be invited to an assessment centre. Happy to go into more detail, but I will only be repeating the information on other threads.

All the best!