Any help plz


hey guys,

I know there are similar posts on here, but i cant be bothered to go thru all of them…but i just need advice on a few things.

I just finished my degree in Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire. I did very well and I got a 1st, and now im about to start my masters in Economics at Warwick university or Finance at St Andrews ( Undecided) . I have no banking experience, no internship @ all… but i have done a few voluntary works here and there and i have held part time jobs at my uni and also a summer work experience at a high street law firm.

I just want to know what my chances are in getting into a top IB firm. Plus I really want to know how i can gain excellent industry knowledge… ive tried apps on my blackberry but i still feel like i dont know much. Any help or advice plzz