Any help on grant thornton final round plz =)

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hi guys,

i have my final round with GT sometime next week for a grad position in tax (employer solutions to be precise). There’s going to be a partner and manager interview. Was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what questions they’d ask? What to expect? Will the interviews be half competency half commercial awareness? What will differ between a manager and a partner interview? Sorry for all the questions, it’s just that I really want to get into GT, absolutely love the company. I appreciate any help in advance.



Have a look at [[Grant Thornton interview questions]] and [[competency based interview]].

What do you think you will be doing in your first year at Grant Thornton?


…actually, that’s a really important question to be able to answer. It’s almost guaranteed to come up in the interview.


i’ve had a look at that section already, thanks for the reply. The section on the manager/partner interview isn’t very detailed unfortunately and i was just hoping someone who may have experienced the partner/manager interview will be able to give some further indications as to the questions they may ask. thanks again for any extra info =)


-Take a look at [[partner interviews]] to get some general tips for these.

-Think about current industry issues (and see the section/articles on the front page too).

-Think about why GT, why you want to work in tax, and what you will be doing in your first couple of years on a day to day basis.

-Consider what you have to offer the firm specifically (what skills can you offer that others can’t) and why they should hire you - think clearly about what you can do for GT, rather than what you want to get from working here.

-Check other threads/forum posts as there is some more detailed info on GT partner interviews here too.

You will never be able to plan 100% for all the questions in a partner interview - they can literally throw anything up - but it certainly sounds like your doing the right things…

Good luck Kayley - please let us know how it all goes for you, and what comes up in your interview!


thanks for the reply once again, i’ve thought about most things you’ve stated already but it’s reassuring to know that i’m looking into the right areas. I’m just hoping for some more concrete questions that GT managers or partners have used in their interviews because i’m sure it’s just not going to be simple competency based… I’ve tried looking for older threads regarding a final round, but haven’t found any yet…most seem to be regarding the telephone interview or assessment centre unfortunately rather than the final partner and manager interview. Hopefully, someone who has experienced this stage will be able shed some light before my interview because i really do admire what gt have to offer. thanks in advance once again!


Hi Kay,

I had my manager/patner interviews last week, and got offered the job soon after. The first thing to say is relax, if your interviewers are anything like mine then you will be fine, you have already made it through the hardest bit.

The manager first made general conversation talking about hobbies etc. He then just simply read off a list of competency questions such as when have i disagreed with someone within a team, and how did you resolve it? It will be very similar to your HR interview at the assessment day, just make sure you can go into more details with your examples and have at least two for each question. It ends with the standard questions of why GT and audit (in your case TAX). He may also ask you who else you have applied to and why, so just make sure he knows you really want GT!

The patner interview is slightly different. I think this interview is more to see whether you would fit in with GT and how much business knowledge you have. I got asked to talk about three or four current events and how they have effected audit and GT (start with something other than the credit crunch maybe as when i did he seemed relieved to talk about something else). He will again then ask some competency questions, have at least two examples ready for each question. Then we just discussed sport and my social activities. Just be as relaxed and confident as you can, make sure you smile and have constant eye contact.

Hope this helps


Firstly, well done hammers for getting in! I’m guessing you’re going to or have already accepted the offer. thanks a bunch for that info, that def helps! Did they actually ask for a second example for each of the competencies, or is that just a tip? Otherwise, i’ll def need to think up some more examples…sigh. So in your manager interview, they didn’t go too far into commercial awareness? Because in HR they asked only 1 question relating to that.

The partner interview def sounds quite different - more focused on your business knowledge which i’m more worried about =S So your particular partner actually asked for at least 3 current events affecting audit and GT? If that’s the case, i’m going to have to do some extra research in tax, i’m very weak on commercial awareness unfortunately. Was there any other commercial awareness qs or was that it? Also, did the competency questions in the partner interview differ much from the manager interview, or were there similar questions too?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, its just i’m really hoping to get into GT. thanks in advance


Hi Kay,

They say, can you give some examples of when…? So the more examples the better, but make sure you can go into detail in each example. In my manager interview i didnt get asked any commercial awareness questions, i was just asked how do i keep on top of current financial events (i.e read the FT and accountancy age). However I do know some people who have been asked commercial awareness so be prepared for them.

The patner simply said to me what current events are effecting Gt and audit, and i discussed 3 or 4, again make sure you know your stuff as they may go into detail with you. But they are just looking for you to have an understanding, they do not expect you to already know everything.

No the competency questions throughout the day are similar to the HR interviews, mainly focused on teamwork and motivation.

For me the main thing is to be yourself and be enthusiastic about the job and GT!

Hope this helps


thanks again hammers! Your insight has definitely helped. It’s good to know that the manager interview is very similar to the HR one. Did the partner not ask any competency questions then? It was just about current events? If that’s the case i can’t really see that interview lasting an hour =S I’m def going to try be as enthusiastic as poss, i genuinely do want to work for gt and hopefully, i’ll show that on the day. I can’t help but feel more nervous than i have ever remem…but thanks for your help anyway, i really do appreciate it once again =)


Its only natural to be nervous, especially as you want it so much, i was extremely nervous but both the manager and the patner were so nice it really calmed me down so i wouldnt get to stressed out. Sorry for not being clear the Patner asked and discussed the commercial awareness first and then went on to competency questions, which are similar to ones you would of already done.


Hi Hammers, how long did you have to wait after your final interview until your offer?


It was either the next day or two days after, when did you have your interview? I wouldnt worry if you havent received an offer straight away, i knew someone who waited over a week to get the offer, it just depends on how busy your partner and the HR staff are.


thanks again hammers for the insight. it’s really helped with my prep. just got to get rid of these butterflies and i should be ready…hopefully!


Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier! When’s the interview? It must be any day now?


in a few days, any last min tips? news? =D


Hey… I have a final round with GT next Tuesday and I think i feel the exact same way. the company is my first choice and commercial awareness is definitely not my strongest point. This information has really helped but if you could throw in anything extra, that would be great!! I’ve been told i have one interview in which there will be both an HR director and a manager, and then a second interview with the partner.


Just be wary of sticking to your guns in the partner interview. The partner asked me how I would deal with a co-worker who was not an enthusiastic team player. I said I would take him aside and ask him how he felt the team was working and listen to his views, but then explain to him that the team would work better if we all pulled together and that good coperation was about making personal sacrifices to achieve the common goal. Then I said I would be positive and enthusiastic and hope it would rub off on him. The partner nodded and said “Yeah, thats a good approach to take. But…what if he still didnt change?” At that point, I had no more ideas in my arsenal and was beginning to sweat and I just repeated my earlier answer of staying positive, encouraging and energetic to which the partner responded “Hmm…yes…yes, but what if he still didnt change?” By now, I was completely stumped and for the third time repeated that at times a positive team member can really change the outlook of a team or an individual, and that I would explain to my fictious lazy coworker the error of his ways and the benefits of collaboration. I also then added that ultimately life is too short to be demotivated by unambitious people. The Partner then smiled in a manner that indicated that he was having a bloody good time watching me squirm and moved on to another question.

I got an offer from GT so what I took from the partner interview was that they want to see you how you cope when put under stress. So stick to your guns!

Though a little flustered, I enjoyed the partner interview because he seemed like a genuinely likeable dude, and he was cracking jokes throughout. Post interview, I googled him and found that he was an amateur stand up comic and runs a comedy club!


how’d it go kayley86? I’m waiting on a response :frowning:


Hope my advice was usefull, how did you guys get on?