Any help for international student apply to Big 4


Hi guys, I am so excited to find out this useful guideline for fresh grad to apply to big 4. However, l need some advice from those who know about the case of international student that can get a job in UK. I am currently study in Nottingham University but at Malaysia Campus. My second year score is around 69 and expect to get first in final with Uk degree after graduating. I got experience from internship at some big MNCs but at local, not in Uk. Although Big 4 Keep saying they are welcoming diversity and differentiation, I just dont know whether truly an international student can get equal chance as local one. I intended to apply earlier for 2009 wave so that I can boost visa application if joining assesment centre. Can you give me any advice or know any similar situation that have been successfully applied.


Yes. You will be absolutely fine to apply, and you will get an equal chance as local graduates. The firm will apply for a work permit for you, and, assuming you are granted one, you wil be eligible to work there.

I know from my own experience of workin gin the [[Big 4]] that diversity is key and they really do welcome international applicants. Many of them make better staff members than local people!

I would just make sure that you can sort out a visa and work permit and you will be fine.

Remember just one thing though, make sure your English is up to scratch for the interview- that’s a basic requirement.


Thank you Chrism, very concrete and insightful. Just one small issue, some top 5 or 6 acc firms ask for at least 300 UCAS points which I have no clue what it is. How I am gonna have it while I am not in Uk and is it that much important. Would try for application form first and continue to ask for the next stage.


They have a conversion table that converts all international qualifications to their UK equivalent. If you have a strong degree I wouldn’t worry too much. They just want to make sure you are able to take the accountancy exams without failing.

Audit is the easiest to get into, so you shouldn’t have too many problems.


Chris, Hi, looking at your useful replies, I wanted to apply early for 2009 grad positions…do you know which apps except that of the big four begin early?


Hi Nakul,

I think you should check all top 10 acc firms website that avail in this website. Check their deadline and plan for your application. By the way, are u international student?


The list Amy’s referring to is here [[List of Accountancy Firms]]. You should definately start applying early- you can probably apply already for 2009 positions for most of them. Places DO fill up and it is done on a first come first served basis.


KPMG (15th OCt), PWC(1st OCT), EY (1st OCT) these are the application start dates for 2009 positions for candidates need work permit, I sent e-mail to Big4 as I just got HSMP was informed am still in work permit category and applications will open on these dates. Those who are posting firms are accepting applications now can please post a info link will really appreciate.



If u accept an offer now for a position that starts in 2009, when do they issue the work permit ?



They start to process it straight away and should have it ready a few months before you start!


Zukfal, the dates u provided are starting dates right? Just need to confirm coz I see on other topics (PWC deadline for work permit closed) the dates above is for deadline.


YES these are opening date


Make sure you apply as early as you can. Processing work permits takes time, and furthermore places are restricted and handed out on a first come first served basis - in other words - all the places might be gone before the closing deadline- so be ready!


thank u very much, i will finish by this week


yes u can apply to deloitte,kpmg and pwc even if u need a permit…any other help/advice on 2009 openings feel free to comment…cheers


I have got the job with Deloitte recently, even though I am from Russia and all my qualifications are not from the UK.
In application form I had to indicate that all my school and Uni qualification are from overseas and wrote my real results. I think Big 4 is quite good in converting overseas’ marks and comparing your qualifications with british ones.


I think this was mentioned in another thread on the messageboard too… there is some kind of conversion table employers use to work out grades relative to one another.

Taisia - do you live in Russia and apply specifically for UK, or are you UK based? Did you not want to work for a Big 4 firm in russia?


No, I live in the UK for nearly 2 years. I had summer internship with PWC in Russia while I was a student. I think this helped me to get a job at Big 4 in the UK as well


From your experiences, how do you think PwC Russia compares to PwC UK?

What is the starting salary of PwC Russia in £’s?


I don’t really know much about PWC Uk, but in Russia starting salary in Audit is about £600 per month (in St. Petersburg, could be slightly higher in Moscow). As far as I know many people leave once they’ve qualified, most get a much better paid job with one of the clients.
You also have to travel a lot all around Russia if you are in audit or consulting. And travel means you stay in another part of the country for a couple of months or so, although travel allowence is very generous.
Many people get fed up.