Any advice on if i have a shot?

Grant Thornton

Hello, just wondered if anybody cared to give me their opinion…

Basically i’m wanting to apply for gradaute public sector audit schemes at big 4 & grant thornton. I’ve been doing lots of research & reading these forums has been very helpful so far! I meet all the academic requirements etc & i’m enthusiastic about it but i graduated in 2006 which is forever ago really. I’m not sure they’ll consider me at all? When i first graduated there was no way i would have felt confident enough going through interviews/assessment centres was still really shy. I am now too but 3 years of work dealing with customers & clients and all that goes with it has made me much better at dealing with people & stress. I think to an outsider it will look like i’ve just wasted 3 + years, but i haven’t really. I’ve tried to do things that will make me more confident. I’ve stuck with fairly mediocre jobs cos i knew that it was making more assertive, been travelling & pretty much just tried to do things that i can put on application forms.

Do you reckon i’d be able to sell that to a company? It makes sense to me but they might just see it as kinda pathetic that i wasn’t able to do that through universtity like everybody else. Also means i’d have to admit to being shy really which i doubt is a quality they’re after.

any thoughts welcomed :slight_smile:



the first thing i would do is research on their website if they take on people who graduated some time ago. if there isn’t any information on there then give them a call and ask.

if they say yes you can, then go for it! just make sure you talk about your experiences and how they relate to the job.

if you get through to the interview then just be honest and truthful and say what you gave done. nothing beats logic! and if you believe in what you did then you will come across genuine and they will believe you.

however, one thing that i also suggest, which you prob have already done, do something or show something that displays that you are interested in public sector finance.

hope what i have said is helpful!
good luck.


Hey Louploup.

I graduated in 2005, worked and travelled for 4 years, decided to change direction at 25, and just received offers from 3 of the big 4. Just be able to justify your decision, your passion for the job, why your experience is valuable, show how you overcame your weaknesses and give it your best shot. That’s what I did. In fact having that experience was an advantage to me and at no stage was i made to feel it was looked down on or snything less than a plus. I hope that helps.


Thanks for your replies!

Well done on all the offers fortress10!! Definitely makes me feel better about applying :slight_smile:
Tz you’re right, just need to apply & be truthful as long as I can justify it they should see I’m genuine