Answers needed to Situational Judgement Test questions


Hi all. I recently had a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) for a large company, and unfortunately I failed the test. I’m not very good at these SJT and so I don’t really see where I went wrong. Luckily I recorded down all of the questions that they asked me and all of the answers I gave, which I’d like to share with you to hear some of your comments. The questions gives you 4 possible approaches you could take, and out of that you have to choose a Best and Worst approach.

Q) You are currently working with a client on an IT Controls Program and you are working to very tight deadlines. You need some additional data from one of the client team members, which they had agreed to send you via email after the last meeting. You have chased the individual once for the information, reminding them of the deadline, but you have still not received it. They respond to your email chase with an abrupt reply stating that they will send it to you when they have time.

  1. Complete the work to the best of your ability and highlight where the information is missing
  2. Respond to the client team member and copy in your manager and the client team manager, reminding them of the deadline for the information required.
  3. Respond to the client team member reminding them of the deadline and highlight the potential delay they may cause.
  4. Send an email to your manager and the client team manager summarising your progress on the project and what is still outstanding, highlighting the potential delay to the deadline.

I chose C) as Best and A) as worst. What do you guys think? Was that correct? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: