Answering common interviews qs?



i would like to ask/know if anyone has any good tips on how to answer common competency interview questions such as:

  1. “What has attracted you to this company/organization?”
  2. “Describe a time when you have collected data from numerous sources?”

for 1st qs, i can’t think of any other reason apart from that “your company is massive, give me opportunities to learn, establish a stable career etc…”
sounds basic and general which everyone can say to be honest…



Have you seen the Competency Based Interview page and the Competency Based Questions page of WikiJob - these are a good place to start. The page entitled “Interview Questions and Answers” will also help you - you can find full answers here to common competency questions. Also the page Common Interview Questions could be interesting.

For further info, we offer a interview questions and answers preparation course that offeres a guarantee that it will help you improve your interview question responses - [ take a look here.]