Another three weeks before result of KPMG partner interview



I finished my partner interview around two weeks ago and was informed that I have to wait for another three weeks to get the final result. I know that most people get the result within three days (as I have been informed by the partner). Is that normal to wait for that long just because it is approaching the end of this year’s recruitment? Sorry to bother but it really upsets me to wait for such long time. Any information would be appreciated.



I’m afraid that all candidates that have had an interview organised in May will have to wait until the second week of June (i.e. week commencing 8th June).

I’m sorry about the delay caused, but as I say, it is being applied for all candidates.

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Hi Sam,

I’m in the same situation as the person above, I had my interview three weeks ago and was told I would find out this week.
Its now Thursday and still no news, are we still likely to find out by the end of this week or is it more likely to now be next week?



Sam is out of office until Monday I’m afraid.


Hello, at least I haven’t heard of anything yet. Really nervous


Sorry about the delayed reply - I have been on holiday until today.

Did you hear about the outcomes of your interviews? If not, please send me your name and I can look into things for you.




Hi Sam,

Yes, I heard back - got an offer!
Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Hi there, when did you heard back from the graduate team? I haven’t heard back from them yet :frowning:


Heard back on Friday.
Best of luck!


Have you had a formal offer yet?


Nope, just the email for now - waiting on the follow up email with the login details


Does the interviewer call you directly to make an offer?


Nope, email only.


Hi Sam,

I’m in a fairly similar position in that I have recently completed my final partner interview, however have been told that candidates will not hear feedback until July.

I completely understand that at this point this is the standard protocol and candidates in the same position as myself will all have to endure the wait - but would you happen to be able to advise if we can expect a response at the beginning of July, or whether we will have to wait in anticipation for the entirety of the month?

Thanks for your help,


The pooling in June was done for the second week, so I imagine that July’s pool will be similar (i.e. at the beginning, rather than the end, of the month).

I hope that helps.