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I know it’s been posted before but there doesn’t seem to be much response. I’m struggling to answer the following question on the Accenture application form: Describe what your day to day tasks and activities might be as an Analyst on a project?

There doesn’t seem to be a “day in the life” section anywhere on the web site? Has any one been able to find any good sources?



What service line/division have you applied for at Accenture?


it is a really easy question to answer at first glance, i think they would not expect anything like an expert answer from you to be honest. Put your simple answer. I do not think they are asking you about any special division tasks. it is too general question, i guess so…

I would say, start the day by putting each task in order of priority.

Start with answering emails from overseas if necessary consult to my colleague, then go through the fresh memos, and then start looking into the ongoing project, would delegate depending on the situation, spare time to chat about the prevailing financial situation in the market, and so on so on… after work go out for a drink with my (lady) colleagues… :cool:


I rather suspect they will expect you to know what you will be doing in your first year - plenty of people apply and those who have done their research will know what they have applied for.

If you answer this question incorectly, they certianly wouldn’t give you the job. Would you give someone a job if they didn’t know what they were applying for?


Exactly, Chris. There is plenty of information around on their website alone concerning this. It would be a little pointless if people could just copy a particular section and change a few words here and there. They want you to demonstrate you can read about people’s experiences and the job roles they offer and interpret that information into a description of specific tasks you will perform at the level you are applying for. You just have to be prepared to put a bit of effort in for yourself!

It is also important you have a confident knowledge of the role for your next two rounds of interviews too…

Good luck!


The more a candidate knows about the company they are applying for and the job they will be doing, the more impressive they come across at interview, or in application.

Researching a company shows that a candidate has a high level of interest in this company specifically, and gives the recruiter the impression that they really want to work there. Recruiters hire candidates with a passion for their company, as passionate people are usually the ones that work hardest and are the most successful.

The same goes for candidates with a high level of knowledge about the specific job role they are applying for. If a candidate can talk professionally and informatively about the job they want to do, it really shows that they have spent time and energy thinking about and researching the role. Their application has not been made on a whim, but after careful career planning. If it came down to it, a recruiter is more likely to hire a candidate with a great deal of knowledge and passion for the job applied for, than another candidate who might have more impressive academic grades, but little passion. Passionate people work harder and do better so my advice is to show this at every stage of your application/interview process.

The best thing you can do is to talk to people working in consulting or people working at Accenture. If you can, go to things like open days at Accenture and recruitment events at careers fairs and Universities… although in your case it might be a little too late to get along to these. If I was in your shoes I would call HR at Accenture and discuss the role you want to apply for in depth with them. Find out what you will be doing and take notes. If you can, ask to talk to a first year graduate to find out exactly what you will be doing. They might not let you do this…but if they do, you’ll get all the information you need to write a killer answer that won’t fail to impress the recruiters.

Good luck, make sure to let us know how things go!!!



[QUOTE=Snatch84;777]I know it’s been posted before but there doesn’t seem to be much response. I’m struggling to answer the following question on the Accenture application form: Describe what your day to day tasks and activities might be as an Analyst on a project?

There doesn’t seem to be a “day in the life” section anywhere on the web site? Has any one been able to find any good sources?


to be honest in your first years you do alot of shadowing cause you have no experience. your tasks can be varied from making photo copies, pressing abutton on a presenttion slide, doing extra research for you r manager…
its so varied …


Thanks for your input Shaka.

I think the question “What will you be doing as a graduate trainee” is a hard one for candidates to answer because there is little information about exactly what you will be doing online (company info explaining you will “work hard/play hard” and “test your skills and motivations”…isn’t much use(!))

If anyone feels they could start a new thread (or respond to this one) detailing the working day/week of a graduate trainee at Accenture, or more generally as a graduate consultant it would be very interesting, and very useful!



has any one applied to strategy, my boyfriend applied to the analyst consulting group and his interview structure seems so different as compared to my strategy interview.The process also takes longer he applied after me and his final round is next week … mine is for end of May.

Has anyone else applied to strategy ? The first round was straight forward but was hoping to get some insight into the 2nd round for strategy

And just to throw this in the air would you advice some one to take a position with deloitte corp tax or accenture consulting?

i must say the 10k sign on from accenture can go a long way…


I had my first round interview yesterday. I felt it went pretty well. But I was trying to studying the management consultancy part of the website the night before, but they seem to have taken that section of the website. They just have ACG and systems integration and outsourcing.

Also I couldn’t review my application to see what I had written, which I had obviously forgotten since the 25th feb.

I felt the interview went well and didn’t want to make out that these where excuses for not being fully prepared.

I would post what I put in the application for this question thread starter…but I can’t access it!

Good luck!

And it is 10k bonuses over two years Shaka, not a sign on AFAIK. How long before you heard something back from them after the first interview? Was it by phone or e-mail?


it was the next day so i guess tht was pretty quick for me by email… my boyfriend got a call the same day …

you are right they have taken the management consultancy strategy out… apparently the new system is that you will train with the analyst consulting but you will be strategy aligned so they will keep an eye on you and you dont go to chicago during your first month but later in your training …

for strategy you are assigned a buddy within accenture and the interview structure is as follows:

Manager Presentation - A manager from the business will talk to you about their experiences, the role of an Analyst and what skills we are looking for

One to One Case Study Interview This will be based on a hypothetical Accenture / Client project and you will have twenty minutes to review the case study and prepare for the interview. You will then discuss the issues and solutions with your assessor

First Group Exercise Working as part of a team you will have an objective to meet based on the case study in the one to one interview

i guess i heard wrong i thought you get 6k in your first month and the 4k in the first month of your second year?

Document Review You will be given some materials to review and edit to assess your attention to detail

Second Group Exercise A group task focusing on practical thinking and idea generation

Analyst Question and Answer Session An informal discussion with some Analysts from the business which will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered and find out what it is like to work at Accenture

Final One to One Interview The last part of the assessment centre will concentrate on your career / IT interests and Accenture awareness

and for the analyst consulting group:

· Approximately an 1/2 day assessment conducted by a Graduate Recruitment Officer or a Manager from the Consulting practice
· Based on your application form and the information contained in it
· A short case study based on a hypothetical business scenario. This will be a group exercise lasting approximately 30 minutes and a presentation lasting 15 mins for which there will be no preparation time or information given prior to the interview

eerrrrrr i guess they are quite different


i tought it was 6k in the first month and then 4 k in first month of 2nd year?


I just want to know so I can get on with studying for my exams


It sounds like there is a lot of difference between strategy and analyst interviews at Accenture. From your experiences, is there anything you could add to our wiki: Accenture Interview Questions | WikiJob - which has general advice about interviews at Accenture, but not specific advice about particular graduate roles. Any help, as always, is appreciated!


It’s definitely £5k and £5k. Just been reading through the contracts… it used to be £6K and £4K


I have an interview for a position I applied four months ago. The name of the position in February was TSRS.
Unfortunately, I cannot find information on the website of Accenture anymore.
1- Did the names of the graduate entry levels change recently ?
2- Is TSRS the same as “Analyst Consulting Group - Graduate Entry Level” or “Systems Integration & Technology Consulting - Graduate Entry Level” ?
Thanks in advance


I can’t say for sure, but I would gamble that TSRS might stand for “Transaction Services & Restucturing”. But that’s a guess. I would phone up the HR team and ask them, if I were you, and ask them about the opportunity and what you will be doing. They won’t assess you for asking questions, but I imagine they’ll expect you to know the answers when it comes to interview time.


Thxs chrism2671, I double checked and apparently, the job number is the same as “Analyst Consulting Group - Graduate Entry Level”… marketing went through it !