Analysys Mason


Has anybody applied to this firm? If so can you tell me what the tests and assessment centres are like?



hello. did you just get an email about the online tests? yeah me too!


Yeah i did, when did you apply?


guys me too…any idea how is it ?


Hi all,
I got an email as well asking me to take the online assessment test.
Good luck to you all!!



Just had my phone interview. It is 100% competency questions:

Give an example of a time you have been thrown in at the deep end.
An example of when you have lead a team.
An example of when a team has been failing to meet a goal.


Was not too long and not too bad.


Hi all, can anyone build on robbiecee’s comments and shed any further light on their recruitment process?



Yes! I have been invited for tests too. Can somebody help? What is the recruitment procedure?


Guys if any of you gave the online numerical tests, can you advise how are they? GMAT type or higher level of difficulty?