Analysys Mason Assessment Centre



Has anyone else here on Wikijob applied for Analysys Mason and been invited to their assessment centre?


Yes I have applied but has been invited for numerical test only. Can you tell me something about it? what is the procedures? how are tests? how can i ace them? I applied for Dubai Office.



I have applied. I passed the numerical test and then was invited to take a verbal and inductive reasoning test. I just received an email saying I’ve passed them both and will be told about interview shortly.

Anyone knows what should I expect from here? Phone call interview or face-to-face motivation interview?

Thanks very much before hand and good luck to you all


Hi there,
Does anyone know what psychometric tests Analysys Mason uses in 2013 after sending off your CV and cover letter?

Also, what company do they use i.e. SHL etc?

If anyone knows I would really appreciate some advice!!