An offer letter from Deloitte - what's included?



Just a quick question about Deloitte offer letters.

I’m expecting to receive an offer letter from Deloitte, having already been informed of an offer by telephone and a brief email.

Would anyone who has already received one be able to tell me what will be included with the letter? Will the actual contract be enclosed for me to sign along with other forms that need to be completed and returned?

Also, will there be any information on gap year options offered, if any?




You’ll receive a letter telling you that you’ve received an offer and giving you information about what your salary is likely to be in the region of based on what it was this year and also the benefits that you are entitled to. You will need to sign your acceptance of the employment contract and the training contract and return it to Deloitte along with another declaration form, all of which you will receive in the post.

You will also be given details of the background checks which Experian will carry out on you.


Cheers bradlever, much appreciated.

So no mention of Gap year options then? Would the best thing be to just ask HR what the options are in this respect?


Yep I would say that would be best.