An American in London (IBD)


I am an American student and I will be interning this summer in London as an investment banking summer analyst intern.

I have a few questions for you Londoners:

  1. are there things that I should look out for that are particular to London (U.K. in general)? any taboo/no-no (i.e. business attire style) that I should avoid?

  2. any general advice to an American student interning in London? (office culture in London vs that of NYC)?

i appreciate any input from you in advance.



Why did you decide to intern in the UK? Do you want to work in the UK in future?

From what I’ve heard culture in London is slightly more relaxed than that in New York. I don’t think there is anything particular you should / shouldn’t do though. Just be nice to everyone and work hard!


Here are some links for you on Uk business/office etiquette :

And an interesting video which compares British and American business culture:

Hope this helps.