American Applying to Banking Programs in London

Goldman Sachs

I’m moving to London from the United States in a week and I’m looking to participate in this year’s bank recruiting process. Does anyone have any very basic advice on the process? I’m assuming that it’s rather different from our recruiting process here in the States.

Here are a few questions I have:

When does the process begin? I’m assuming sometime in August

How is the recruiting process arranged? How many interviews (phone/in person), what types of tests are administered?

How do firms view foreign candidates? (I’m coming from a top American University)

How much value does previous experience provide (I’ve spent my last two summer’s interning in research, one summer was with Goldman Sachs)

If you have any other advice on the process please feel free to comment.


Pls go back to the US there are already so many jobs there you will take one extra position here :slight_smile:


We’ll all be fine : ) There are enough jobs to go around. Check out this article from the New York Times:


London-based banks are hiring again and everyone can apply. So you can apply too.
They target European students since they serve the EMEA region (and related universities), but this is not the rule. People from all over the world can apply and they are also assisted in getting the visa.

What bothers me is that this is not the same in the US, basically you can work for a bank in NY only if you studied in the US or if you already have a visa since it is much more difficult to get one. That’s why in London, I think there is more competion


There are various types of opportunities disclosed by the London Banks. So people from various place wants to apply for the Banking programs in London. Most probably American Candidates has that qualification required for it so they will surely apply for this.